Jason Garrett’s wife, Brill Aldrige Garrett


  1. Melissa Kraras

    Please forward to Brill, we were together in school. and I’d like to send her an email.


  2. Jim Shannon

    Hi Brill, I took care of Jim and Janes house in Mon beach, Re-union next weekend. Can u get in touch with me before next weekend concernig the yard work.

  3. Marlene Domina

    My name is Marlene Domina and we met your husband and his father in the eighth annual Jason Garret starfish charities. Jim got very friendly with my son Matthew and he was training him in his house in NJ. This year my son was very busy with the football and they won PSAL championship. Last time we spoke to Jim my husband sent him some tapes about my son and then we call back and his wife told us that he had a stroke and he was a little sick. After this my husband is been in the hospital and we tried to called him but nobody answer the phone. We are praying for him to get better and we would like to know how he is. My number is 718 581 3253 and my email is mdomina1955@yahoo.com. Please, can you let me know one way or another about his health.
    Thank You very much.

  4. Kim Belcher

    Hello Bri,
    I just wanted to take a minute to say I think you have a terrific husband. He has been my favorite way back when he was a backup quarter back. You are a very lucky women to have a wonderful man. I love the way he coaches our Cowboys! Been a true fan since I was 7 years old and I collect all memorabilia. Last night’s game was the true cowboys and I loved to see Jason smile. Haven’t seen him smile like that in a long time that was due. If it wouldn’t be to much trouble could you send me a picture signed by Jason I would really love that and it would really make me happy. My address is Kim Belcher 204 Hazel Ave
    Baltimore. MD 21227. Again please let Jason know that I appreciate everything he does for the Cowboys and look to see him at the games…
    Thanks for time

    Kim Belcher

  5. Jimmy Welch

    Garrett been one of the best coaches since jimmy johnson so we need to keep dak n zeke the beast on the winning streak #wedemboys

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