Greg Hardy’s girlfriend Nicole Holder


  1. John Bobbit

    So, basically she’ll hump anything with money? Looks like a total drama queen to me. Was told to get out after starting an argument and would not leave…. Classic hooker mentality lol. But i need moneys to get my hair did suga daddy! Give me some mo money then i’ll leave….

  2. Chris

    I’m not a Panthers fan. I’m not from that part of the country. Frankly, I tend to assume the player is the one out of control in these situations, but I smell a rat here. Greg Hardy has two people to corroborate his version of events, even if one is an agent/manager. The cuts she has could be the results of her breaking the glass. If she’s that out of control, there’s no telling what else she smashed, so she could have bruised herself. The story sounds outlandish, like one someone would make up. The thing that cinches it for me is the judge refused to place a restraining order on Hardy, and she didn’t show up at the court like she should have. I wonder if she isn’t a sufferer of borderline personality disorder. BPD people are known to fly off the handle, break things, hurt themselves, and make insane accusations against the people they “love”. I guess we’ll know, since the judge ordered Hardy to hand over his weapons. If he doesn’t have 25-30 guns (or something in that range), we’ll know she was lying. I’m not saying Greg Hardy is a saint in all of this. Everything she says could be true. It’s just that he has people to back up his version of things, she hasn’t handled herself well in the court proceedings afterwards, and the judge doesn’t seem to believe her.

  3. Stace

    ^^^^^ I totally agree with you Chris and I’m a female. I don’t condone domestic abuse, but something isn’t right. I’m tired of the “cry wolf” syndrome in some if these cases and some females better recognize it’s not cool or cute.

  4. matt clark

    Total Smash-and-grab for some money. I think you got the facts right Chris, and I hope he gets let off easy. Nicole Holder is a GOLD DIGGER.

  5. mike jones

    If u lying that’s fucked up u doing him like that especially if u had sex with Nelly while u was with Greg gold digger!!!!

  6. Jacob

    I thought I read the argument was started from Holder wanting Hardy to pay for her rent, and at the same time Hardy was trying to breakup with her.

    Why haven’t the transcripts of the “trial” been released yet?

  7. Shangail Dudley

    Well personally from my experience as a battered woman , Nicole story just doesn’t make since or add up, something is suspect about it. I than add teeth knocked out , black eyes , and my nose broke which was very visible and also pictures where taking by the hospital and police.She just after his money.

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