Emmitt Smith’s wife Patricia Smith


  1. Deborah

    Hi I have never been a football fan but my ex husband was Big Fan of the Dallas Cowboys I was looking up Emmitt Smith on Google and was reading up on him you are blessed you make a beautiful couple if I was famous I maybe would of wished I found someone as he he seems like a really good man
    God Bless

  2. Juanita Ramos

    Good morning Ms. Pamela Smith, I am a very good friend of Daniel
    Esquivel, Project Runway All Stars.
    I am helping him with his busy schedule, as he decides on his PR/publicist/representative.
    I fly international for American Airlines and he will be in Dallas next week with me from Wednesday
    forward. I believe that you and some of the other girls were wanting him to design something
    specifically for you. You can reach me at my above email or text me at 214-450-4601. I will be leaving the country for Germany tomorrow, and would love a response ASAP, as we are scheduling his time for next week. Respectfully, Juanita Ramos

  3. Juanita Ramos

    Please forgive me Ms. Patricia Smith, I send you that lengthy
    Message and then write your name down wrong. This is Juanita Ramos
    Trying to get in touch with you for Daniel Esquivel. Thank you for your time!

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