DeMarcus Ware’s wife Taniqua Ware


  1. chaquanette lewis

    I just want to say thanks for the beautiful story its a blessing that you have a wonderful daughter and a son the lord put this togather in is own time just thanks again for the story

  2. Danielle Jones

    You are so brave. Im sorry for the struggles you all had but to come out of it still strong is awesome. I know your babies here are so blessed just as im sure you feel blessed in return. Thank you for sharing your story. Im 8 months along now after first being told I could never get pregnant again due to a botched surgery after I had my 9 yr old daughter. Its been a hard pregnancy but I dont take a moment for granted. You are so strong, I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  3. Yolanda

    I am so happy for you guys. This journey of life is no joke and the “hard knocks” will come, BUT if you’re willing to keep the faith, stay allowing God to order your steps and never give up, He will not only show up, but He will show out. Taniqua you are a beautiful woman, inside and out and I pray God continues to pour His blessings into the lives of you and your beautiful family. XoXo

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