DeMarco Murray’s girlfriend Karolyne Long


  1. None of your business

    Really, not surprised he has a Becky, all the dumb black male athletes get white girls, stupid dumb black boys, oh by the way the white boys stick with their race and get white girlz also dumb black boys. Way to go to all the Black guys who get black girlz!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb azz black boys, makes my stomach turn.

  2. You are pathetic

    You’re just a jealous hater….ignorant would be the appropriate term. She’s very pretty and he’s hot. Take it you can’t get anyone.

  3. Mike

    That first comment is the reason why blk men date white women. No one wants to have to deal with that negativity. Then she is going to say will that’s fine cuz you can’t handle me. No one wants to have to handle that.

  4. Tiffany

    I disagree. Not every black woman behaves like an animal. There are definitely self respectable black women. Not every black man wants a white woman either. So please stop the nonsense. Read the article and take it for what it is. He has a gf and move on.

  5. wake up

    Play on till ya get played .. seems their may be the best friends wife also a girlfriend…funny after the post on twitter “thanks dad for showing how to be a man ‘ well it isn’t by banging your friends wife any scumbag can do that held to a higher power

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