03/19/15 (Updated)

Cam Newton's girlfriend Hazel

Cam Newton's girlfriend's have been a fascinating study of semi-celebrities, normal women, and strippers. In the case of Cam Newton's girlfriend Hazel, it appears she crosses into all three areas.

Hazel is a former stripper who has previously worked for the famous Washington DC Stadium Club. Many sites are reporting that Hazel now works as a party hosting socialite. Hazel has done plenty of modeling work for a day job, and appears to be making a career of it, which likely closes the door on a return to the stage & pole. Cam and Hazel made their first public appearance at the 2013 Kentucky Derby, and the then unknown Hazel sent the internet to work to learn more. There are rumors that the couple is expecting a child, but those are unconfirmed as of the start of NFL Training Camps.

There have been rumors swirling since June that the couple is no longer together based on the subject and tone of a DM Tweet Cam sent to LA Radio personality, Promise B Mae. That story remained relatively quiet and may have been genuinely friendly in nature. We'll keep an eye on the Panthers wives and girlfriends box this season and see if we can find out anything on Cam's girlfriend - but considering the way he's been rolling, he may very well be on to the next one.

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21 Responses to “Cam Newton's girlfriend Hazel”

  1. Jon

    Former Stripper........NEVER woulda guessed it by looking at her :-)

    Like MOST Black women - she probably weighs MORE than her man - Cam. It's one thing to have a booty - it's another when your Booty has its own Area Code. If she is preggo she will NEVER be less than 2-Bills on the Scale

    Cam - you got money and fame so....WHY! Go get some hot piece of ass not someone with a massive ass

  2. Mike Hunt

    This is more or less a response directed at Jon who commented previously. Hey Jon, why do you think this woman is fat? What is wrong with you? She isn't fat at all, in fact, she looks great. (If she didnt she wouldnt be modeling) Sure, she isnt small, but that is ok. I hope that you aren't serious, Jon, because that is extremely shallow and can extremely hurt someones feelings if you hold and say such opinions in real life.

  3. Ahinjel

    LOL @ "Jon", most likely another hater, AND might I add a racist. "MOST" Black women? Soooo..what, to be attractive you have to weight less than that gram of crack your smoking on? B'c lemmie tell you somethin "bro", there ain't a DAMN thing wrong w/this female. She's black, beautiful, and on the arm of one of NFL's most amazing QB's. I think when you said:

    Cam - you got money and fame so....WHY! Go get some hot piece of ass not someone with a massive ass -

    What you REALLY wanted to say was..."Go find a skinny white bitch with a flat ass and big tit's"

    You are a sorry excuse for a piece of human trash if I've ever read a post by one. And THATS being nice. To even ATTEMPT to ridicule someone over their body proportions, and stress skin color? Effin hicktard...

  4. football fangrl

    Is he seriously dating her? if he is, he needs to run for the hills...can you say gold digger?!!!!

  5. cj

    @Football fangirl....ive known hazel my whole life and I can honestly say shes not with Cam for money shes always had plenty of that..So if shes with Cam it has nothing to do with his wealth, Hazel lived a celebrity life style before him..

  6. Dominique


  7. Amanda

    @Dominique, just b/c she's a stripper doesn't mean she has no self-respect! You never know what situations have led to her choice to be a stripper. From what little I've read, it sounds like she was making a lot of money and has allowed her to establish herself outside the world of stripping. While money isn't everything, if she's happy with her choice I don't think we should judge. Honestly, while some (maybe most) strippers and prostitutes may be weak, I think there are a few who are strong women who made their decisions based on practicality and possibly necessity. I can respect any woman who makes decisions that enable her to live on her own two feet than rely on a man, THE man, or any combination of the two. Get 'em, Hazel! And good luck to you and Cam!!

  8. tiffany clark

    why does every black woman have to be another statistic? like really you dont know her so dont judge her. you never know mayne it was her only way of surviving. so stop hating! hazel keep yout head up ignore da haters n let them be ur motivators

  9. Will

    I may sound racist for saying this, but at least she's black. There are far too many black athletes who, in my opinion because of an inferiority complex, date and marry white women. Thanks Cam!

  10. Rile

    I think anytime you have to display your body to the public, you are lacking some self respect for yourself and yes Will, kudos to Cam too for her being a Black woman because the Black girls don't get a chance; the White men have White women and the Black ones do too. I don't know this young lady's story and yes, we all have one, but I hope she has more going for her than showing off her body for any reason because she's very attractive. I just hate that this society is so shallow and in order to get anywhere you have to have a big booty and flash it all over the place.

  11. Katrina Velasquez

    well if she's not a shame to be a stripper bringer out, show
    your man

  12. Hoke Buck

    My anaconda don't
    My anaconda don't
    My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun


  13. Christina

    Jon, it's so common for white women to be built like 12-year old boys. It fits the taste of their pedophile white boyfriends. If assless and boobless is your style go for it, it doesn't mean that all men have to.

  14. Christina

    Btw, Kate Upton looks fatter than Justin Verlander. She still manages to have no ass and wide waistline. And the way you play up those saggy tits is ridiculous.

  15. Jason

    @christina your comment is def racist. So much hate

  16. EZ Rawlins

    If Tito Ortiz, Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods can date P0RN ACTRESSES, then why can't Newton date a former stripper? The double standard Black women face is ridiculous. Could he have dated someone else? Of courser - but so too could have Wes Welker (wife is a knifed-up Hooters model) and the various ballplayers married to former Playboy playmates, etc.

  17. Lynn

    Can't believe that you people believe she is a model. What agency would hire her with that ugly azz tattoo? Check out various videos all over the Internet and decide for yourself. All she does is follow Cam around...she spends more time with him than she does her own child. I am surprised he is flaunting an uneducated/stripper/gold digger around. Classless!

  18. Lynn

    What is wrong with him!

  19. Lindsay

    He can do better than a stripper!

  20. Lindsay

    He can do better than a stripper! This woman IS NOT a model.

  21. Shannell

    It is not our place to decide her worth as a woman...or her appropriateness for relations with Cam! While I am glad that he is dating a thick, black woman...the short and tall of it is that if she holds him down in a way that he finds satisfactory, she is GOOD enough!! There is often more to people than what we "see" and pretend to "know"...