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Mario Williams fiancee Erin Marzouki

UPDATE: 05/06/2013: Almost eight full months after we last updated this post, it seems a resolution has come for Mario Williams and ex-fiance Erin Marzouki. Well, sort of. Basically, both parties released statements apologizing for acting ridiculous but beyond that, nothing happened. We don't even know if the ring was returned or not.

UPDATE: 05/06/2013: Breaking up is hard to do. No question about it. And when there's a $785,000 engagement ring involved, things can often get even trickier.

That's exactly the case for Mario Williams and ex-fiancee Erin Marzouki. The couple was engaged in February, 2011 just weeks before Mario Williams signed a $100M contract with Buffalo (though only $50M guaranteed, and about half of that up front). Williams splurged for a 10-carat ring that cost him more than $785,000. Unfortunately after Marzouki broke off the engagement in January of 2012, Mario Williams was left wanting that nearly $800K ring back.

In court documents filed in Houston, TX, Mario Williams is now adamant about the return of the ring. The lawsuit alleges that Marzouki never actually intended to marry Williams, and simply used him for his fame. The charges further allege that Marzouki rang up more than $100K on an American Express credit card Williams took out in her name, as well as more than $230K in other gifts he provided her in the eleven months since their engagement.

While some may claim pettiness, others may look at the more than $1M Williams paid out to a woman he now feels never wanted to marry him, and he at the very least wants to recoup some of that money. We'll keep an eye on this one to see if Mario ever gets the ring back.

Mario William's fiance Erin Marzouki really moved the needle recently. It's amazing what comes onto the radar sometimes.

Mario Williams is clearly the biggest free agent in the 2012 class (yeah, that's right, better than Peyton), and has spent days and weeks being linked to the Buffalo Bills. After arriving in Buffalo on day one of free agency, Williams stayed overnight in the area leading to further speculation that a contract deal was imminent. On Wednesday morning, with the Buffalo area buzzing over the possibility of Williams joining their beloved Bills, one local reporter happened to bump into Super Mario at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.
Paul Peck of WIVB-TV ran into Williams and learned he was at the airport to pick up his then unnamed fiancee. The internet exploded with theories that Mario Williams brought his future wife to the Buffalo area to get her sign off before signing a contract that would put them in upstate New York for at least 6 months a year for the next 7 or more years.
When Peck pressed Williams as to whether this was a good sign for the Bills chances, Mario responded only "We'll see."

Unfortunately at time of publishing rumors are now churning (according to one of the best football blogs out there, ProFootballTalk.com) that Mario Williams and his fiancee Erin Marzouki are now leaving Buffalo tonight. There are no whispers of a contract being done, so maybe Mrs. Williams to be took a day in Buffalo and decided it wouldn't be for them. It will be interesting to see how many more times we see Mario and Erin at the airports, and when we do,... you'll hear about it here.

Mario Williams' fiancee comes to WNY: wivb.com

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  1. LUVV...Moment

    Not to be mean, but Mario has such potential in the looks department and Erin not so much. But hopefully being close to NYC she will get some help with her looks.

  2. Angela

    Does anyone know how they met or how long they've been together?

  3. thinds

    I stopped reading after sassypants.

  4. yeah right


    oh, yeah, all the women in NYC look soooo good - she's nice looking, glad to see a man pick a woman based on something other typical so-called beauty standards...here's hoping she doesn't turn into a bleached, botoxed, implanted, lipo-ed,foul mouthed WAG

  5. Mike

    Another black athlete with a white woman...I wonder how proud her parents are.

  6. Jane in Buffalo

    Well Luvv you are being mean and blind. Screw NYC style.

    I am sick of the stereotypical 105 lb, breast augmented, gold digging, bleached blonde or hair weave, makeup laden, tropy wives with no brains and whose only talent is sitting around and look pretty while gossiping.

    She is the most beautiful, genuine REAL woman sports girlfriend I have ever seen. Real hair, minimal makeup if any, genuine smile and enough brains to graduate college and hold her own career in marketing.

    Go Erin!!! Looking forward to having YOU here as much as Mario.

  7. Patrick

    Good to see your reporting was so "ACCURATE" Mario & his fiancee never left Buffalo so the so called Houston Texans report was totally absurd.
    All you repoters instead of being the first to try & scoop each other please
    cekeck all your cold hard facts !!!!

  8. Ha!

    They met while she worked with the Texans. She got the job through family and it is widely known that she went to work there to 'find a husband'. I think we can all agree she succeeded!

  9. maria

    she is so not pretty. he doesn't look good either, but he's an nfl star and can get someone hot. jane in buffalo... she dyes her hair and has fake nails...not completely genuine.

  10. Erika

    I know this girl personally. She's very sweet and outgoing, let alone she's beautiful! Don't hate!! Lol.

  11. Jim

    Hey Erika, you in the gold digging business too? :)

  12. EM

    LOL, she took $785k engagement ring, and then calls off the wedding and won't give the ring back. She take my money! She ain't nothin' but a Gold Digger!

  13. pablo

    hey ericka..if thats the case tell him to give him his ring and all the other gifts he bought her skanf golddigging a**. jus sayin.

  14. Wow

    Looks like a "HA!" was right to an extent....what a difference a year makes.

  15. LKC

    The only thing that left was lots of Bills money and Williams' fiance...unfortunately, Mario Williams remains overpaid and underachieving.

  16. al manfred

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Hello!!This is the 21rst Century Male athletes have been using and abusing women for years...including refusing to pay child support. The list is huge..Dont play the game if you cant stand the shame!!

  17. Matt Boner

    Honestly people should start learning to be afraid of getting married in todays world

  18. winona kitto

    The amount he spent shows his intentions were genuine. The amount she charged shows her intentions were not. If this article tells the story correctly, she absolutely should give the ring back. If he broke up with her, he would most likely be doing so because of her careless spending, and he would cut his losses there. His desire for the ring back tells me, that he's making a point. It's not about the cost of the ring, but the non integrity of the ex, who seems to have taken him for an expensive ride....

  19. Anonymous

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  22. No

    In my Charles Ramsey voice whenever a white woman run into a black man arms she got problems

  23. Boggless

    Hilarious the author doesn't know the difference between carat and karat.

  24. lpsports

    take all the fools money... he should've had a sister !!

  25. Black Man

    Listen, Black Women, White Women, they all come from the same School, finding one who will give you respect and care for you after your "brief" professional care is the hard work.

    Regardless of it all, everybody is after that gold, find one who has a career, can cook, knows how to shop without spending a fortune and can save your dough when no one wants you.

    Its hard to walk after several years in any sport, what will you do or have left after it's over.

    Select Wisely.........

  26. Tommy

    Expensive piece of ass. He test drove it, took it home. Now time to pay up for having a status woman around your arm.

  27. Tejava

    She is a worthless piece of shit for releasing those texts

  28. Tejava

    She is a worthless piece of crap for releasing those texts

  29. Randi Wallace

    These black men need to leave this white gals alone. If she broke it off, give the ring back. the little bit of money you got from him should be enough. But you entitled gals think you deserve more. Well dumb dumb, if you had married him, maybe you would have gotten more. Black men need to wake up! Just because a white gal is shows a little interest, man, she's only after the money! But she'll get her because what goes around comes around.

  30. wow dog

    That old sayin goes, " C a sucka, bump his head! " Damn she really bumped his nd kicked him n the a_ _!

  31. Common Sense

    Hot white girl....or trashy, loud, annoying black girl?

    Hmmmm that seems like an easy answer.

  32. Anonymous

    The only one here with common sense is winona kitto and couldn't have said it better.

  33. sunzu

    I agree about men taking back engagement rings. The agreed purpose and intent of the ring is to get married. Accepting the engagement ring, is a type of contract and promise for marriage. Otherwise, the woman should NOT accept it and reject the offer of marriage. If a woman calls off the marriage, but tries to keep the ring, she is comparable to a con artist or thief.

    An engagement ring is unlike other gifts. If a guy buys her shoes or dinner, there isn't usually any promise associated with that other than showing affection.

    If you are not going to marry the man, of all the gifts he gave you, give BACK the engagement ring. Keep the car, dresses, clothes, etc... But trying to keep an engagement ring shows ZERO class and integrity.

  34. sunzu

    The insecure and jealous Black women, among other racist haters, need to give their hypocrisy a rest. When a Black woman jumps into the arms of a White or other man, she claims true love and wants understanding.

    Statistically speaking, Black women marry Whites and others at ALMOST the same rate as Black men. Black women were having sex, dating, and having children with White men long before it was even acceptable for Black men to try.

    A Black woman hating on a Black man for marrying interracially, is allying and making herself an AGENT for jealous and hateful White men. Think about it. Who are you helping, as a Black woman, when you are spewing venom on an interracial couple that you don't know? Such Black women are doing EXACTLY what racist White men want them to.

    The same Black woman will be hating on Black men and White women couples that she knows NOTHING about, then turns around and is all supportive of a Black female with a White guy or whatever. OR, the same Black women will be jumping all over bi-racial children and men, claiming how cute they are. That is truly sick hypocrisy.

    A person that is confident and secure in their looks and/or success, doesn't have to get jealous or hate on people that choose to marry interracially. What they are doing, is their freedom of choice. Stop being such A-hole, because you damn sure wouldn't want somebody forcing or telling you who you can or can't date or marry.

  35. happy54

    Another bro looking for love in the wrong place.
    good luck my sisters this would have never happen to us.
    He for got where he came from,I wonder what his parents think of their son now.

  36. Anonymous

    i think erin should give that man his ring back. it seems like black professional athletes tend to marry or date white women. i think that is a shame. when a black man makes his millions he marries a white woman. i guess black women are not good enough for them. they can go and buy a diamond ring that costs thousands of dollars for these white women. wow that must be nice.

  37. dunston

    if i was erin i would give that ring back. it doesnt make sense to keep a ring if you are not going to marry the man. black professional athletes are on top of the world when they marry white women. they can go out and buy them brand new cars and diamond rings that costs thousands of dollars. i think it is committing racial prejudice in the black race. black women must not be good enough for these black athletes in my opinion.