Jim Kelly’s wife Jill Kelly


  1. Jon

    It will be sad when Jim Kelly joins Ralph Wilson in the not-too-distant future. A family member of mine deals with Cancer patients and said she doesn’t think Jim Kelly has a long life ahead of him. Once Cancer spreads it is usually only a matter of time “When” and not “If”………..

  2. Penny

    There are not enough words to describe what it feels like when you must walk this walk with someone you love most. I walked a similar walk not so long ago with my husband, who was just two years older than Jim is now. Our story did not end as I would have liked and that left my faith cracked and and on not so steady ground. But through it all, I never lost hope–even now. And I have found my way back but some days tougher than others. As I watch your fight and your faith I continue to learn about enduring strength and God’s lessons for us. Know that my heart cares for yours though we have not met. You are a woman of great strength and great courage and great love. I pray that your story has a happy ending–you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Michael Mann

    Please Read, My fiance had stage 4 non operable uterine cancer, I took her to Dana
    Farber in Boston one of the best places to go. She had a 15 centimeter tumor and said they could not operate. I did some research and found a story about a Canadian nurse from the 1920’s named Renee Caisse who discovered a cure for all cancers from a Canadian Indian tribe. She coined the name Essiac which is her name spelled backwards. They are herbs that you make a tea out of with distilled water. I got my
    fiance on it 3 ounces two times a day. no side effects accept a little bitter so take with honey or juice. Her tumor shrunk from 15 centimeters to 4 and she did the
    Essiac during radiation . when they took out the tumor they did pathology on it. looking at it under a microscope there was not one living cancer cell outside or
    inside the tumor. I also had her on graviola for only 2 weeks which you can actually get at Wal mart for 10 dollars a bottle i was amazed they had it. The Essiac I got from a place in St. Pete, Florida called the Great American. A months supply cost me 35 dollars. There is a video on You Tube all about Essiac and Renee Caisse. The doctors were in shock when the tumor shrunk and were even more befuddled when they discovered not one living cancer cell in the remaining tumor. I promise I am not selling anything, I just know this stuff saved my fiance’s life and has been cancer free for two years when they could not even originally tell her she had six months to live. I hope this information gets to you and it helps Jim recover fully. If you have any questions or I can tell you more to help feel free to call me my number is (727) 902-7892. My prayers are with you and your family.

  4. Liz

    Glad you are at home . I will continue to pray for Jim’s full recovery. God bless you and the entire Kelly family.

  5. Pam

    My impression of Jim Kelly as he played NFL football was that his toughness was undergirded by an unique brand of softness. God, I pray you choose to leave him with us and to do your work yet awhile longer. Strengthen him, heal him and envelope his family with courage and hope.

  6. Barbara

    I live in flomaton alabama, I love the bills, I love buffalo, I go there every year on vacation. I hope to move there one day. Jim gave me so much pleasure, when the bills played on tv here.
    Hope he’s feeling better. A bills fan in alabama, barbara

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