Jessica Dorrell’s Fiance Josh Morgan

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  1. Alex

    BINGO! Unfortunately.Because what’s going to happen is BMFP is going to be fired. He hired his mtseriss, just days before all this goes down.As a Hogs fan I hate it because the program is as close to making a legit title run as it’s ever been. But the UA’s hands are going to be tied. He messed up big-time. Dorrell will have to leave, but of her own volition the U can’t touch her because regardless of any iffy circumstances around her hire, to fire her opens them up to legal problems, since her superior was involved in an inappropriate relationship. Josh Morgan’s not gonna wanna stay the cuckolded coach? He’s gonna go. Dorell will quit and never be seen in this state again.And BMFP’s promising era will end how?GET ON THE GUS BUS! HIRE GUS AND WIN IT ALL THIS YEAR!!!

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