C.J. McCollum’s girlfriend Elise Esposito


  1. Atom

    It must be that black women are extremely fugly for every black guy to want to have a white girlfriend…………. if black women are beautiful then why are 90 percent of black men’s first priority is to have a white girlfriend?

  2. Rob

    Why bring your nasty worthless race card in to this. Why not simply say a good looking bright young man with an attractive bright young woman..Great looking couple !!

  3. Anonymous

    How is it a nasty comment…when they’re trying to point out the issues within the Black community? Why would we condone a black man to kill our Black race by reproducing with the White race? Every black man should want a full black son just like him and his father!!!!!!!

  4. liz

    How is that a nasty comment? Why would a black person condone this black man to be in a relationship with a white women? He is 100% Black, his father is 100% black, why would he not want his son to be black like him? Sick world…

  5. Black|WhiteSameHuman

    atom what is your problem?why do you hate black people? you know im asian..but i love black and white..they are both great..

  6. EB

    So what your saying is a black man should only date black woman…. Ok so if am African American than I cant date Domenican or Jamacan or Black Puarto Rican Nigerian or even Mexican Brazilian what about Indian or West Indian . Wow!!!

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