CJ McCollum’s girlfriend Elise Esposito


  1. Atom

    It must be that black women are extremely fugly for every black guy to want to have a white girlfriend…………. if black women are beautiful then why are 90 percent of black men’s first priority is to have a white girlfriend?

  2. Rob

    Why bring your nasty worthless race card in to this. Why not simply say a good looking bright young man with an attractive bright young woman..Great looking couple !!

  3. Anonymous

    How is it a nasty comment…when they’re trying to point out the issues within the Black community? Why would we condone a black man to kill our Black race by reproducing with the White race? Every black man should want a full black son just like him and his father!!!!!!!

  4. liz

    How is that a nasty comment? Why would a black person condone this black man to be in a relationship with a white women? He is 100% Black, his father is 100% black, why would he not want his son to be black like him? Sick world…

  5. Black|WhiteSameHuman

    atom what is your problem?why do you hate black people? you know im asian..but i love black and white..they are both great..

  6. EB

    So what your saying is a black man should only date black woman…. Ok so if am African American than I cant date Domenican or Jamacan or Black Puarto Rican Nigerian or even Mexican Brazilian what about Indian or West Indian . Wow!!!

  7. Mr. X

    Forget all this crap. Its Ignorant! You all need to change your mindset! Because you have the same mindset as racist. Forget this black and white crap. As an AMERICAN you should find a like minded AMERICAN you click with. Because no matter our skin color at the end of the day, we are AMERICAN.

  8. NHK

    Yo, Atom, stop being a fucktard. If you scroll this site you will see the vast majority of blak players (at least in the nBA) have black wives. Get a life and stop fretting over who other people fuck, date and marry.

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