07/08/13 (Updated)

C.J. McCollum's girlfriend Elise Esposito

Before some serious PlayerWives.com sleuthing, C.J. McCollum's girlfriend had only been alluded to vaguely in an interview with the Deseret News. When the Lehigh University graduate was asked about the amount of homework NBA teams do on the players they are scouting, McCollum had this to say:

They know everything, they know if you have a girlfriend. They know what color your dog is and everything.

C.J. McCollum then admitted that while he did not have a dog, he did have a girlfriend. While that amount of information might be good enough for some of our competition, PlayerWives.com isn't known to rest on our laurels. Through our patent-pending (ok, not really) Internet Sleuthing techniques, we were able to determine that C.J. McCollum's girlfriend is Elise Esposito. She is originally from Bethlehem, PA, attending high school at Bethlehem Catholic High School. Elise is also a graduate of Lehigh University, with a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience/Pre-medicine and will be going back to Lehigh in the fall for a Master's Degree in Engineering.

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