Steve Nash’s ex-wife Alejandra Amarilla Nash


  1. DD





  2. leni

    I think the main belief here will be that the new baby is not Steve Nash’s and that she had an affair hence theur living apart. If it was truly his he would never have announced a divorce day after son’s birth???!!! Incredulous as to the timing. No one may ever admit but it will come out one day. She is an unknown south american woman married to an NBA star who probably treated her well but was away alot and being young and beautiful, all I can say is ….. that speaks volumes.

  3. Jaded

    Steve’s “son” is actually Leandro Barbosa’s kid… hence the living apart, divorce, and Barbosas trade out of town.

    Dirty B!tch….

  4. Rich

    Leni is absolutely right. The father of Nash’s ex-wife baby is actually Jason Richardson (Nash’s former teamate) Who was traded ironically about a month of the divorce. Nash is a stand up guy who didn’t want to disgrace his ex wife.

  5. HawthorneWingo43

    So, let me see if I got this right: she got pregnant with Steve’s teammate while she was engaged to marry Steve?

    What a ho. I feel bad for Steve, but better to find out now. I’m sure Jason Richardson will marry her now .. lol.

  6. larry

    it this one of those times where you say not the brightest bulb. If she was having a thing with his teammate did she not think it might be his? This is a Hank Moody episode on Californication.

    Great show on Showtime.

  7. Anonymous

    Seems like all NBA players are the same, even “nice guy” Steve Nash. I guess the groupies and NBA lifestyle will blow up anyone’s ego to the point where they think its acceptable to trade in their pregnant wife for a younger chick.

  8. Val

    Seems like all NBA players are the same, even “nice guy” Steve Nash. I guess the groupies and NBA lifestyle will blow up anyone’s ego to the point where they think its acceptable to trade in their pregnant wife for a younger chick.

  9. Dang

    Keep ur dick in ur pants man, i seen that chick ur bangin and shes a DOG! Shoulda stayed with the hott Latino wifey!

  10. Max Kuykendall

    Well, after Steve Married his wife. They already had the set of twins for a year. Are they really Steves??? Was there ever DNA to prove that. It is obvious he married to give the twin girls his name. Then about two years back, he made it plain that he did not intend to have any more Children. Period. It was on

    The NO one hears anything. The twins are about 6 years old. THEN all of sudden in the middle of a Basketball season, the Owner of the Suns trades away Jason Richardson, one of the best players of the Suns. He was traded within days, of Steve’s soon to be ex wife giving birth to a son. The very next day Steve announced that they had been living apart for quite awhile. However, he Divorced her the day after the Baby was born??? Now we know Steve Nash would not have done that IF that was his BABY. I am thinking as soon as Steve found out she was Pregant, he moved out. He knew it could not be his. Then when it was born, BLACK. The truth came out, that it was the child of Jason Richardson. So, the owner of the Suns started that day shopping for a new home for J. Rich. (who is married and has chidren of his own, so SAD). So Baby is born, next day Steve gets a divorce and less than a week J. Rich is part of a trade to Orlando???? Looks very clear, Steve was just waiting to get DNA to find out who the Father of the Baby was. He knew it was not his. So Baby boy is BLACK and had J. Richardson DNA. End of Story. Now can or will he want to get a Divorce and marry this lates fling??? Well time and research will tell that. Steve Nash being an upstanding type of person, will support the Black Baby, that because he was not already divorced will have his name. This is so sad for all involved. However, now I wander if she did not trick STeve the first time. After all they were not married when she had twins????Of course Steve claims them and loves them. This is so sad. I will no longer have support for the Magic, because of J. Richardson actions.
    That idiot that said it was LB that was the Father???? It take 9 months to have a baby and LB has been gone for two years. Someone cannot do their math.Why do you think J. Rich was shot out of town so fast?????

  11. Max Kuykendall

    Now I know Terrel Owen could not have that kind of Picture, so that could lead to a law suit. Terrel has already tried to commit sucide, been traded over and over ,so all know that things are not right in his head. So, trying to say he has a picture????NOT. Steve has not even been living with his wife for months, just as soon as he knew she was pregant. He knew for some reason it could not be his. Maybe he took care of that possiblity along time back.??????Think, he said he would not be having anymore Children two years back. Look it up.

  12. Max Kuykendall

    Now Nash is NOT the only NBA STAR to get with the wrong type of Woman. Look at Dirk??? The STAR of the Mavs. The woman he planned to marry and was already pregant with his child. Living in his home??? Well he gets in from a road trip, she had been arrested and Dirk finds out she was really a crook. Dirk sued for custody of his Baby. Nothing has been released since, that I have heard about. The baby should have been born by now. Do not know if the Mother is still in Jail. She had been in lot of trouble before meeting Dirk. I would think it would be better for the Stars to find a wife, while still in College. No from road groupies.

  13. dean

    Cmon guys—-anytime an athlete gets married, the woman has already pre-planned the outcome—they are (all gold digers) looking for some kind of handout —once they get that $$$$ they are gone.

  14. Baldheaded Foo

    South America has the FINEST women on the planet and they actually care how they look down there. They don’t have all the fatties like in the US these days

  15. South America

    Them south american women are fine aren’t they baldie? All those countries down there have hot women in SHAPE! American chicks are gettin too spoiled, fat and awnry.

  16. Listen2Baldie

    When I think of South American chicks I can’t help but think of that line from the 80s song Blinded Me with Science: “Miss South America, you’re beautiful!” I agree with the bald-headed dude above me. They are the finest women by far on the planet.

  17. Marlene Campbell

    I think that she not suppose to divorce for that particular reason she have to think better on her family and that they have a good life and they make a nice couple, and the most important thing that he is famous and women will always be behind him ,his a human be so forgive him

  18. Mike

    Poor Steve, he looks educated and probably comes from a nice family, his taste in women is terrible. His wife looks uneducated and if you saw her walking down a street lets face it, she looks like a hooker. Guys, get better tatse in women!!!

  19. Truthbetoldn9

    Women are greedy and beggars.I’m SURE he’s paying plenty money to her already.She’s wants to move to LA to ask for more money. She doesn’t care about the kids being closer to their father.She need to get a job.

  20. Mikejksmith

    Marta ,your information about South America is bs.the oldest people found in South America are black.Do your research.The moors penetrated Europe.Ruled Spain for over 700 years.theres not a such thing as pure white coming from Spain.The DNA has been traced back to black Africans.All DNA according to europeon scientists.So do us all a favor and stop lying.You know this girl has black in her.As a matter of fact.Doesnt Steve have a new black chick.Stop hating your DNA and come to terms with it.

  21. DBallCrusher

    You assholes degrading American women need to take your asses to SA and stay there. You all are most likely ugly as fuck, have pot bellies and are unemployed. Real men can appreciate the beauty in all women regardless of ethnicity or race.

  22. Nan apfel

    just saw a pic of Steve’s son. He is 9 years old now and the spitting image of his dad. Definitely not black. These are the most vile comments I have read in a long time and they didnt age well.

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