Ron Artest’s Wife Kimsha Artest


  1. Anonymous

    Wow really that’s not true stop hating its not a good look who every said it wish the new kimsha nd ron stop hating . Maybe 1 day u could be a star

  2. lovely

    Wow that’s not true nd u are a hater who every you are nd clearly u don’t even know ron or kimsha . I wish ppl would mind there own bussines and stop acting like they know wats going on .you are truly a hater nd wish u could be them

  3. Peach

    Yes in the media ppl take things and run with it..known Kimisha for years…and they were together for a long time and she’s going nowhere

  4. LovelyisAnIdiot

    Hey Lovely/Anonymous, why don’t you shut the **** up and learn command of the English language. You sound really dumb right now and your lack of spelling doesn’t help your case either. Metta’s wife is ugly as sin. Truth hurts but it’s a fact.

  5. Veronica

    This women is not ugly she an average looking black women that’s lives an comfortable lifestyle that most wished they can achieve. So stop hating on her and calling her ugly people love to throw dirt at these sistas crazy.

  6. kim

    They n ake a good couple and yea stop hating on them they look better than some of the other couples like labron james and his so called girlfriend she is ugly well both of them are there not a good couple

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