Jordan Hill’s girlfriend Darlene Luna


  1. Dave

    Sources actually reveal that Deluna was an actual Jumpoff for two years, an hes been with his longtime girlfriend/ mother of his children for years.

  2. peaches

    i’m sorry it really doesnt matter what social standing you have in this world, whether you make 50,000.00 a yr or 3,000,000.00 per yr. why would she wait so long to file a complaint? and the only reason the procecutors are persuing it is because mr. hill can afford such a fine. if it were anyone else the first question would be why did you wait so long mam? it seems like when people are doing good there is always someone there to bring you down. jordan keep your head up, and next time you dont need someone4 years older than you the older they get the more manipulative they think they are.

  3. peaches

    @ dave i didnt even read your msg in the begining, but if she was a “jump off” then you cant make those house wifes, she was just slowly waiting for her turn to get som $$$

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