Mark Jackson’s Wife Desiree Coleman


  1. cheryl

    Desiree looks the same. Beautiful as ever. My husband and I want to see this musical play back in the 80’s. I just watched to movie version with Ciara and at the end of the movie I thought that was Desiree singing. I had to look her up and so proud to see her. I have always cherished “Momma, I want to Sing” It was my first and best “Off broadway or on broadway show”. May God continue to bless you and yours.

  2. Carmen Dillard

    My sister and brother in Christ, we r new creatures once we have been born again!!!!
    Love y’all!

  3. Richard Harris

    Go Ahead and PREACH!! Preach Pastor Mark and Desireee!! The Blessings of the Lord are upon you.

    Really enjoyed, and have been blessed through listening “I Want the World to Know”

    Praying for you, praying with you. Be so much more encouraged..through the Lord!!

    A COGIC brother, (Church of God in Christ)

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