Klay Thompson’s Girlfriend History


  1. Mic2x

    I’m a huge FAN of KLAY THOMPSON!!!!
    you’re so COOL!!!
    LODI !!!!

  2. Pamela Rosenbauer

    I think Klay Thompson is a great basketball player. I’m glad you stayed with the Warrior’s. I enjoy watching you and Steph play . I would love to come to a game with my neighbor I was in a domestic violence situation. I almost died . She broke the window ,and came in and saved me. He stabbed me in the face. My God kept me alive ,and used her to save me You and Steph have given me something to do. I watch sport’s all the time . My favorite is football,and basketball. I watched Steve Kerr play when he was a Chicago Bull.I was heartbroken to see you get hurt. I was so upset whe he got hurt. I don’t want hm to leave .

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