David West’s wife Lesley West


  1. Anonymous

    U and your husband r a beautiful couple. It’s refreshing to read about positive people. I am a New Yorker who is very impressed with the Pacers. This team, in particilar your husband plays hard every night. Please continue to be supportive to your husband. You two are strong influences and positive role models to many!

  2. Beverly childs

    Leslie you and your husband are such a positive couple. I was extremely impressed with you and your husband. Please continue to be the supportive, nurturing wife. I hope the Pacers go all thr way!

  3. irene

    Mrs. West, I was born in Gary, Indiana, and I have always been a Pacer’s fan. David is a smooth brother, I knew that there was a smart sista on his arm. I now live in Philadelphia, PA. The Pacers are going to go all the way this year-David keep up the good work. I’m cheering for the Pacers, all the way from Philly. Mrs. West you’re a sharp, and elegant sister, and I wish you and Mr. West all the best in the future. Let’s go Pacers!

  4. Lauren Archie


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