LeBron James’ wife Savannah Brinson


  1. Diana Gooden

    Savannah is such a sweet person and beautiful..Bron lucked out with her…Mo and Delonte wife is not that cute.

  2. cocobutter

    HATTTTER she look nice and he look good ….he look real good yep so sad
    they have to kids you go LeBRON…


  3. keke18

    well all couples are cute but wow savannah brinsons gives LEBRON JAMES a pair of pajamas and a back scratcher for a christmas gift are you kidding me she could of got him a more expensive gift then that how much money shes probably getting but yeah good for them

  4. Tajey

    Savannah is really pretty and it seems like she’s not phased by the fame of LeBron, she’s with the person she loves. you can tell that unlike most of the nba or nfl wives that just see $$$ shes actually there for LeBron through thick and thin.

    *to keke18*
    I think it’s nice that Savannah got him that. It’s the thought and the gift that counts and not how much it was. who knows she might of bought him the most expensive back scratcher in the world LOL. I think we fail to remember that celebs are human people just like us and even though they have all the money in the world there is still little stuff that they don’t have and might need! maybe he complained about his back hurting from playing so har during the basketball season or something & that’s what he needed. ust becuase you have money don’t mean you have to flaunt it. that’s how you lose your money.

    not tryna come at you girl, I’m just a die hard LBJ fan and I’m rooting for him to put a ring on Savannah’s hand :)

    P.S. and if you saw the LeBron James documentary you would know that him & Savannah are very down to earth and LeBron probably needed those new pajamas becuz like in the documentary I bet he still walks around the house with bball shorts shirtless & it is getting cold!

  5. Private


  6. Freefromfoolishness

    Mrs. {Savannah} James I think you are really beautiful. As for the life behind the scenes I imagine that it cannot be easy with all the sack chasers running behind your husband and rating you on a retarded website and those who are wishing he would fall short of his blessing. But because you are strong, black and beautiful and have the strength to stand by your man WHILE raising children at such a young age I give you a million stars. Because I am sure Lebron has said this and knows this: the support, love and encouragement (and prayers) that a good black woman gives to a man behind the scenes openly affects his performance as a professional and a person. And for the last comment :) “private” left: If that’s what you prefer brother, if you really are a brutha, then go for it but two words: TIGER WOODS.

  7. Fat Lever

    the black wives and GFs seem to be gettin the “for a black woman” sympathy votes. This woman aint a hint over a “5”

  8. denasia

    labron james you my second favorite basketball player.O yea you taller than your wife how do she kiss stand on something like a chair are a stol lol.

  9. Angel

    Some people are so ignorant! Lebron does not look like and ape. If you dont have anything nice to say then shut up! What do you look like?

  10. reply to private

    @Private you strike me as a very hyper and angry person. and i say this because of your choice of words. now before you go on your hateful rant(I’m SURE its comming) let
    me speak for MYSELF AND SOME BLACK WOMEN I KNOW. THEY CAN HAVE YO ASS U ANGRY BLACK MAN . STUPID you r our BIZNESS.you are our sons and our fathers. ugh men like you and anyone who taught you that bullshit or did not tell you it was wrong
    can date all the white women you want since the only other race of women to date for you are WHITE! smh! Ladies he must not have heard. blace dick aint the only dick that get hard. SISTER let’s broaden our horizions.

  11. no more replies to private

    Thank you jajey and freefromfoolishness for putting the words so eloquently together . i agree and GOD BLESS THEN BOTH (I was screaming that to the heavens)

  12. shon

    i aint no hater, all though i love labron james,he is another womens husband.hell im happy for any sister who gets her hands on a brother whos n the lime light.besides there a cute couple shes short and labron is tall just like in like a man.i watch labron ball all the time i love when he sweats i can just jump through the t.v. and my husband hates the hell out of it, and guess what i dont give a dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………… LOL! so people all over the world dont hate on a sister congradulate because most of the time, it aint about the money, some of us do love our men for who they really are, and not what they have.

  13. Iris

    They’re super cute together. LeBron is so handsome and Savannah is very pretty. I wish he was mine, but I’m glad that he’s with a sister that seems to have had his back since they were in high school. I love that the majority of the black basketball players have black wives and girlfriends. That’s a good look. Black love rocks and is beautiful.

  14. Raven

    Anybody who loves LeBron should learn how to spell his name right.

    Mrs. Williams, I think you need therapy…

  15. Porky

    All through history we have put down sports players if they choose to marry or date outside their race.However we should be proud that they are not in jail.Sure it would be nice if they stay within their race.But you should look at the qualities of the individual. LeBron and Savannah are very happy together. He takes care of his family and home (that’s what matters).Money can buy almost anything but if you are not really and truly happy what does it matter. I pray that this couple continue to grow together and when its time for them to walk down the aisle they will know. We have been taught that it’s a sin to live together. But I know that they pray and God will order their steps in the right direction. That’s what we should be focusing on not her looks or his looks.
    The fact that both of them are not in the spotlight for negative things should be good by itself.

  16. melanie

    who gives a fuck if people date outside their race even if his wife was white it shouldn’t even matter hes a good looking black man with an awesome carreer you should be proud of the man that he became hasw nothing to do with race, race doesnt make you who you are or what you become, only yourself makes you become what you are, only in america all this shit about race would come up give me a break! im an italian chick and from canada and in canada we all mix cause we don’t give a fuck about race as long as the person treats us with respect and keep it real, and his wife is very sexy she looks good! and not cause shes black its cause she is who she is, here in canada blacks arabs italians french what ever race it is we all mix wanna know why CAUSE WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK!! its what you got inside that counts, and the attraction you have with that certin person, my daughters are italian and haitian imagine that mix and btw alicia keys is half irish italian and african american and so is mariah carey and some other ones so piss off with this race shit, makes it sound like your racist funny how people talk shit about how people are racist towards them maybe you should look at yourselfs, before judging people judge yourself! anyways i know im gonna get some hates are gonna talk shit!! :) but thats all i gotta say….have a good day from canada!!!!!!

  17. Raelin

    Mad Love for Le6ron, his wife is the TRUTH, I’m 6lacc and date mainly white and latina woman, I’m just askin what’s the pro6lem with that?

  18. Hera Styles

    @melanie: Wow, with all the run on sentences, I couldn’t possibly take you serious. Clean up your writing and then we’ll talk.

  19. Leggs

    I would like to respond too Melanie’s comment about couples dating outside there race…Well, I agree w/ you that it should not matter what color the person is however, when I can walk inside of a Mall, and see every Black man w/ either a white, Latino, Asian, etc., you have too wonder, “What’s really going on…What’s wrong w/ Black women…” Melanie, you can not possibly understand where we as Black are coming from, because you are white…It would be a different story, if all you preferred dating was white men, and you were seeing your white dating Black women, that would not make you very happy…Now, about LeBron and his girlfriend…Yeah, I am excited and happy for her, because she is w/ a true Black man, who did not sale out….LeBron, thank you for loving us (women of color). Black love forever….

  20. Jean

    It is nice that they are childhood sweethearts, but you have to realize they are playing house because they are not married. He can walk out on her at anytime and what will she have then? So in my eyes (which Im sure they don’t care)she doesn’t have a thing until she has that ring on her finger and a marriage certificate. I don’t understand why women are so fast to throw their lifes away by shacking up having mens babies without any true commentment. Not only is it a sin, but you are degrating yourself and who you are as a woman. I don’t care what he looks like or how much money he has, nothing is worth your womanhood, morals, and standards. Your body is precious, why give it away for free. Im sorry, but no matter how nice a couple looks together if you don’t have that ring and certificate of marriage, your a glorified H–E. Ladies, stop giving yourself away. Demand RESPECT!!! If you don’t respect yourself, the men sure won’t.

  21. dodatdodatdododatdatdat

    Celabirty or not, i wish all the married ppl to be happy. Life is like a match
    butt naked middle of no where. Once you find that light, keep it lit! Find happiness and fullfill as much things u want.

    p.s. who knows though… lebrons could be porking some chick on the side

  22. dodatdodatdododatdatdat

    I reply to Jean’s comment which was…. “It is nice that they are childhood sweethearts, but you have to realize they are playing house because they are not married. He can walk out on her at anytime and what will she have then? So in my eyes (which Im sure they don’t care)she doesn’t have a thing until she has that ring on her finger and a marriage certificate. I don’t understand why women are so fast to throw their lifes away by shacking up having mens babies without any true commentment. Not only is it a sin, but you are degrating yourself and who you are as a woman. I don’t care what he looks like or how much money he has, nothing is worth your womanhood, morals, and standards. Your body is precious, why give it away for free. Im sorry, but no matter how nice a couple looks together if you don’t have that ring and certificate of marriage, your a glorified H–E. Ladies, stop giving yourself away. Demand RESPECT!!! If you don’t respect yourself, the men sure won’t.”.

    response; GTFO WE DONT LIVE IN A FAIRYTALE. LOOK AT YOUR SELF IN THE MIRROR. IM SURE YOU TOO “SIN”. in this life, nothing mattters more than money. money makes the world turn… money rules countries and politics and your soul. money has to be money or else there is nothing to live for.

  23. Jen

    I think she is absolutely adorable, but it hurts my heart that some people in our society can have such a problem with interracial relationships. Then again I imagine most annoyances from black women are probably the same as mine (being a white woman) – not a man dating out of his race, but the stereotypical professional athlete dating out of his race to a siliconed, fake-tanned, dyed-hair, anorexic, gold-digging bimbo. That’s disgusting from any perspective – no matter what color your skin might be. (Unless it’s that tanning bed orange – then it’s right up your alley!)

  24. Bunny

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! LeBron has a BLACK lady in his life.. Thank God for that. He seems to be the only baller that has any sense!! And.. shes BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  25. akbar

    look im a racist and proud of it and i think every one should be one its not a bad thing god made us different you should love your race but when u start to hating others and think u are better then that becomes the problem i am against race mixing be cause it no natural to kill your self meaning your race by mixing and im a black brother i no the problems we have with our women its gonna be alright we been through a lot as a people and no one knows but us shit back in the day in virginia the white men couldn’t keep there hands of the sisters so the white women protested and they made a law to prohibit this and if u ever been to virginia before to this day is the capital of the malattoes in
    america is a expirament gone wrong they trying to see if they can asimalate before the sun get closer to the earth or they destroy the ozone layer look at how much tanning lotion they buying know days and dont forget buy stock in sun tan lotion they about to discenagrate soon thank god i ant white!!!!!!!! you ever heard of inturnal combustion google it and one black man or women this has happen to and thank god u are black and hopefully proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Dottie

    I hear alot of comments on skin color, I just want to say its nice to see a black athlete with a “sista” for once, because all black women are not golddiggers,she looks like a good woman that have a good chip on her shoulder. I don’t have any problems with interracial dating, I never have, but in the athletic world, it’s not done for the right reasons, you can easily tell, I guarantee most of the athletes that date outside their race, I guarantee most of their wives are golddiggers and they so quick to call black women golddiggers.

  27. coon

    when are coloreds going to learn how to spell, use punctuation, plural and possessive? nigga please! and bron bron’s bitch is broke.

  28. TIffany

    I think Mo’s wife is a very beautiful and sweet young lady to whomever said that she isn’t. She has the second highest score on there team. Oh well I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think they are a nice looking couple. I also think Lebron and Savannah are as well. Cute girls!

  29. lee83

    The comments about him being with a sista are sooo played out. Whether the chic is white or black should not matter. There is not a da$* thing wrong with a black man and white woman being together. Prompts to all the white AND black women that hold it down at home!

  30. Lovely

    Private is lying, that’s a WHITE GIRL talking; White girls all ways have had secret resentment toward BLACK WOMEN! The system has taught the Black man to not like Black women, and a serious game is being played with his head, WHY! Because when a Black man is rich if he marries a White girl, all his money and riches will go back into the white community. So when the white girl places a banana on the stairs to make him fall down, and he is rushed to the hospital in a comma, it will be a lot easier to pull the plug in 24 hours. If he’s married to a white girl he’d better not get sick, other wise cyanide poisoning will be his next meal. The White girl is the death of a Blackman.

  31. lee83

    Ok lovely…if you say so. I don’t mean to sound rude but you really must live under a rock somewhere. (And to anyone else who is commenting negatively to black men dating outside their race). Love is blind and knows no color so for all the haters on interracial relationships…grow up! Clearly some people are stuck in the past…this is 2010..stop all the forms of racism and love everybody regardless of who they choose to be with..I’m pretty sure that everyone bleeds the same color.

  32. dottie

    I have no problem with the girl but as long as she treat him right, the NBA already have a lot of fake marriages, even though this is a black marriage,I don;t have a problem with interracial dating or marriages but a lot of black men are doing for the wrong reasons these, I don;t support that, I support intteracial dating that is real like HEIDI and SEAL, that couple really love each other.

  33. mariz

    i want lebron james 4 me..love you lebron..i think we can be a good couple..if you cud just allow me..i will take care of you honey..i want to see you in person..when did you come here in the philippines..just keep it up..your doin great.. =)

  34. lynn

    im glad he got a sista unlike some of his basketball mates what a DAMN DAMN SHAME. they should be ashamed of themselves sooooo many beautiful,educated sistas out here!!come on brothers lets get it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Chicca

    I don’t think it’s the color of the person that has us all rattled up. I think the proplem with interratial dating is that, black men tend to treat other races of women better than they do previous black women they’ve dated. I know this from experience. Personally, white women can have the sorry sons of bitches–they want to make kids & leave them half the time, get with a different race & treat her & their children together like gold. I love my black men, just NOT the ones you see in the stores, that turn their heads up at you when their with white bitches…lol! Furthermore… it amazes me how ugly half of the black NBA players are, & some Celebrities, but they have beautiful wives–not realizing these women wouldn’t be with them if they didn’t have the money they have. Whatever color you choose to date, at least make sure they’re with you for you. & where the hell do people get off calling black women gold diggers? Last I checked, it was white women that divorce & take every damn thing their husband has-causing the husband to snap & kill himself, the bitch or his whole damn family! In my opinion…whites are ruined by GREED–& have set the world up this way, but that’s a whole other topic. Anywho… usually black women are left with babies, bills etc. We have to figure it all out on our own, while our men are somewhere fk’n on whomever else, whether black, purple, white, blue or green… My mother always said “have dick will travel!” In most instances, I feel we (black women) don’t tolerate the b.s, so it draws black men to other races, because these women will. So if he runs off and gets a airhead, that let’s him fk the whole town, stay out all night, lays on his ass & play video games all day, hell more power to him. This is what I’ve seen happen, or like I said earlier, you have the ones that do work, but act as though we’re pieces of shyt… So I say fk em’ all! I’m glad LaBron is with a black woman from his childhood, because 9 times out of 10, she won’t be taking him to the bank, and although he is ugly to me–more power to him, hell ugly folks need love too; it would just be kinda nice to see them find true love & not love because of the money they have. So what do you all have to say about white men that like black women, or spanish men etc? I know both that ONLT date black women. Either way it goes, its life, & until people do take the time to reach back to their ROOTS, they will continue to be BRAINWASHED!!!!!!! Me personally…I would have preferred to not have ever mixed races–have you ever payed attention to what a mixed (blk & white) child goes through? I shall leave you black men that love white women with this… No MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LOVE WHITE WOMEN, OR HOW GOOD YOU TREAT THEM, YOU BETTER BELIEVE THEIR FAMILY WILL NEVER FULLY ACCEPT YOU, SO IF YOU ENJOY THAT MASK THEY PUT ON AT FAMILY GATHERINGS…KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING, CUZ YOUR JUST AS PHONEY AS THEM… chicca~

  36. Missy Vaughn

    May God Bless your upcoming marriage, It is a great bond between two ppl. Me and My husband are big Fans. God Bless you all and your children..

  37. JKING 315


  38. maxine mendoza

    Wow I just found out about this exciting news of labron being taken. I have been a labron fan about two years & I never knew. It’s all good cute couple and beautiful kids. I hope & I have faith that labron does not do anything like mess around aka Dick around with these females who try to rouion relationships. Good luck labron I love you for the person you are inside and out. Your awesome and you have a natural beautiful wifey.

  39. private

    ewe he does look like a ape… And as far as white women go, we don’t waste our time cutting down black women and a hole bunch of bull shit talk.. everyone should feel free to date who the fuck they want.. everyone needs to get over black & white, or white & black. cause I think when female or male of though color make beautiful children. and as long as there is respect and loyalty with each other, it should not matter. I think there seems to be so much hate toward white women for dating black guys or marring them. but there should be no hate about that, My brother is engaged to a Gorgeous Black women from NY City.. I love her to death. I would never judge them or allow someone else to. All they both want is to love and be happy. If you cut us open and a black women or man, What color do you get… AW see, we both bleed red…. Stop the hate everyone and just know its not about who is better. its suppose to be about being happy….

  40. Jason Yi

    My best favorite player is LoBron James. Not to be mean but I don’t think LoBron James should marry her. She’s a ugly idiot!

  41. j

    Wow, the girls on here are some real HOES for the most part huh??? “Ooo, she’s ugly, leave your wife, bring your money to me!!!!” YOOOOUUUUU’S A HOOOOOEEEEEE, HOOOOOEEEEEE, YOU’S A HOE!!!! HAAAA!!!! People are BRAINWASHED by these rich lifestyles and people like Lebron who only care about money he’s worth, and not about anything having to do with him as a good human being. He doesnt give a crap about anyone but himself, and he’s OBVIOUSLY extremely weak minded and SOFT!!!!!! After he choked away the Finals, they asked him if it bothered him that people were happy that he failed. He responded that No, they still have to go back to their crummy lives tomorrow, and “I’m going to continue to live the way I wanna live”. What a BITCH!!! Screw you too asshole!!!! You think money makes u any better than me?? YOU’RE A BITCH LEBRON!!!!! Except for hating your ass, I am a good person who tries to help people change their thinking of these rappers and athletes. How many people do we have to see who are rappers and athlestes who have boatloads of cash, but they are SHITTY human beings!!!!! Is money gonna matter after you die??? Everyone reading this go to YOUTUBE and look up these 2 videos– Lil Wayne I Feel Like Dying BACKWARDS, and Lebron DEVIL SIGNS. Educate yourselves, do some research into this after you watch these videos, save yourselves!!!!!

  42. black mans white woman

    Well we all bleed the same color and it’s all pink in the middle. Don’t hate cuz ur men want us. Lovin my black man! Holla

  43. Riahne

    IM A DIE HARD FAN OF LEBRON JAMES, AND I DON’T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK! I THINK IT DOESN’T MATTER how she looks (she’s cute,) ! Just as long as there is true love… okay? :)

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LEBRON JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Anonymous

    This girl refused to move with him 2 Miami even after he proposed and she said yes.How can u be married 2 sum1 and refuse to move 2 the same city where theyre working?What kind of a marriage is this gonna be.If my fiancee decided to do sumthing like that,Id dump her very quickly.Refused 2 move to the same city as him?Does she know how far Akron is from Miami?

  45. Shavante

    Lebron James & Savannah Brinson are suchh a good couple!
    Lebron James is SEXY , Savannah Brinsion is PRETTY = Perfect Matchh♥

  46. Misty

    BLACK WOMEN STOP saying you are happy to see a Black men with a sister, Most NBA players are with Black women..even a couple of white players are married to Black women…
    The mixed race guys don’t count, 9 out of 10 they will choose someone who looks like there MAMA. But for the REAL Black men they choose the rainbow of sisters light, brown, chocolate, dark, cocoa-skinned, doesn’t matter most are with sisters so STOP worrying about it…

  47. Misty

    Savanna is the the most naturally beautiful woman…Lebron really Lucked out with this woman. She has an essence and I think they will make forever.

  48. Rosemary

    If this woman is good and faithful to Lebron, and Lebron is faithful and true to her, it doesn’t matter what people think. Good luck Mrs. and Mr. Lebron James. Take care of those beautiful children.Take care of each other.

  49. Cat

    I would like to comment on the young lady who remarked that she could not help it that the brothers like white women. Sweetheart, my brother, my daddy, my uncles, my nephews, my grandfather all are black. You could never apologize to a black woman. Black men have since slavery test the water dating, sleeping and marrying white women. Why? Because they watch the white man rape their mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and wives. Although this conversation is about ballplayers, money and their women, it’s deeper than that when you start putting yourself on a platform as though a sister is jealous. What a sister will not do is explain herself to any other race than black. When it comes to needing blood, a brother has to call on his own because your blood will not work. What you can apologize for is the 2012 ongoing racism when your people continue to disrespect blacks with ongoing name calling even to the president. So chill, the only difference in you and me is…you are white and I am black.

  50. Francesca Desire

    Hello my nmae is Francesca as u can see.. But you guys look very lovely n nice in all your pics.. I don’t know whos going to read this Lebron James or Savannah Brinson… May God bless u guy n your family and may he give you guys more wisdom what u guys go thur let God do his word dnt put to much stress.. Psalm:118;17

  51. Francesca Desire

    Hello my name is Francesca as u can see… I always keep u guys in my prayer.. U, Wade and Bosh n the team.. May God bless u always keep your head up no matter what u go thur.. God knows all.. You n your future wife make a pretty good couple… Jeremiah:15Verse20… may the Lord give u more wisdom..

  52. renita hampton

    iwish you guys the best blessing put god first!!!and live your lives!!!!!nothing else matters but….god the kid s and you guys relationship!!!!!!much love!!!!!

  53. Nunya

    I find it funny that anyone thinks it’s their place to comment on these men’s wives. They don’t care what you think because these are the beautiful black women they chose. Btw people who talk about the way other people look usually are not so attractive themselves…just saying.

  54. ohio

    Your. Both to young please give each other a chance to grow and stop making baby she should not want to give you any more until you marry her stop and enjoy life until thirty you guys both owe it to youself

  55. Veronica

    Beautiful couple love it people love to see black love, im glad he put a ring on it. Lebron will be respected by the world by being with and doing right by this beautiful black women. Take notes cause that the least I can say for half of you b ballers. GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!

  56. Veronica

    For the white chick that said don’t hate cause black men want white women, some of them do you aint never lie. but they want you for all the wrong reasons you are nothing but a sex object pretty much a piece of meat. An object to help ease there self hate and low self-a-steam. And a black man will never treat you with the same respect as he would with a black women and do right by you cause your not his own you will get shitted and will never fully become one with that man cause at the end of the day he is still black and is sleeping with the enemy. This goes deeper than a white ignorant bitch like you will ever understand.

  57. Veronica

    Its just funny how most of you white bitches and ignorant black man talking shit about black women having a big issue with this interracial love, but if it was the other way around and all your men were dating outside there race basically abandoning you all asses you white women would have a big problem with that too same for black men put your self in somebody else shoes.

  58. Mambo


  59. tabitha

    #1 they arent any body to hate on there are a lot of nicer looking couples out there ive been with my husband for 26 years and he could have done better she is not even pretty I have to agree with the people who said that now mario chalmers has a beautiful wife thats what you call pretty thats a lovely couple and why wait so long to get married but who knows it may work for them but she does look like a ratted out lady and she dresses ok but ive seen way better and you say your king no every other womans king sister you must know your not the only one and never will be married or not come on the man is sexz as hell and must know plenty of women have there eyes on his sexz chocolate azz ok

  60. Dianne

    No matter who the wife is there always a girls some where for that man . Cute or ugly wife they are never faithful count your blessing you are not wifey lol them look happy but in the end of the day they are worried the end of night worring who pillow there man head is laying on .

  61. Rosemary Gordon

    LeBron: Always remain very humble and you look forward in winning the 4th Championship in 2014. God bless you as you do the right thing and get married to Savannah, setting a good example not only to your two sone, but to the world.

    You’re simply the best, better than all the rest! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! WISHING


  62. anonymous


  63. EZRawlins

    BEAUTIFUL wife. Better to stick with the woman who was there from the start then to allow the professional gold diggers to separate you from your hard-earned cash!

  64. Tammy Brown

    So sad that some of u have to say that black men only use white women for sex and that they don’t respect them. Such evil in your heart. U know damn well many interracial couples are very much in love. When u say those lies ur letting your racism show. This is part of the problem in the world today. Own your part of it!

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