Delonte West’s wife Kimberly Ashley Awad


  1. Antoinea

    Okay i’m a big fan of Delonte, and I believe she should have kept that private business, with him “pushing” her. Hang in there Delonte :D

  2. gab

    i mean cute.. i am a huge fan of delonte and i love that he plays 4 the cavs!!..but idk can he take a wife and basketball.. i hope so..i think he will do a good jobb..well congratss and GO CAVS!!

    <3 delonte

  3. Connie

    He’s wife is really pretty. (NO HOMO) I understand what happen was wrong but, we will never know what really happen between them. So until then everyone needs to stop hating. (no offenence and if you feel like I did I apoligize!!!)
    GO CAVS!!!!!!1

  4. jjbess

    As someone who knows the situation. he is messed up [moderator edit] to her. She is beautiful and like a really classy girl

  5. his nexy wife

    she was an conservative/right wong republican girl that was there for the $ and not the love. Better luck next time lil girl.

  6. Ebony

    woahhh..she might b there for the love, im sure she is! he’s a great man, u cud have a chance with him, just congradulate them for now! hahaha

  7. desiree

    I love delonet he lookes so good he needes to leave her shes there for the money. Im here for you baby with money or not i like reall man like you.

  8. Christina

    Women are such haters. Do any of you know Kimmy or Delonte? Because I do, and Kimmy was with him way before he had any real money. So go figure, you are making things up. Their business is thier, as it is for all celebs. Desiree, a real man like him? Have you met him? And no man needs a woman who talks about stealing anothers woman’s man. It’s classless.

  9. JC

    Do any of you morons know how to spell or formulate a coherent sentence? Maybe instead of spending so much time speculating on the personal lives of idiots like this, you should thumb through a grammar book.

  10. Veronica

    There a nice looking couple and they match each other. Hope there love blossoms and grows more and more each day.

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