Mo Williams wife Keisha Williams


  1. MsAaliyahHughes

    Keisha is such a beautiful lady and Mo is lucky to have her. She is a wonderful wife and mother. I think very highly of her.

  2. Bella honey

    She is much more beautiful in person on the inside and out. I have to agree with the comments above she is a great wife and mother!!! Mo really did great with choosing his better half. I just love to be apart of anything they have going on.

  3. Heather J

    Mo is such a great guy and a father first.I met Mo in Dallas he was not wearing his wedding ring.SMH!!! He was having a blast with TJ Ford..So i was shock when founed out he was married.Kesha better hold on to him cause he’s hott

  4. Elisia

    She looks akward in the last two two pics, but I have meet her twice and she is a very nice looking girl. I don’t think she takes good pics though!

  5. Beth Moller

    Mo’s wife has a serious fan club/ haters.. LOL! I was browsing the site and I think you guys talk about her the most on here… I think literally more than any other player’s wife. Maybe it’s a good thing that she gets a ton of attention. IDK

  6. Meka Ford

    Ummmmmm yeah….. Kesha is a pretty young lady and the fact that she is a good mother to her kids and a nice person just makes it even better. I’m sure people don’t like her just because of the position she’s in.. One thing I know is she be fly to death everytime I see her that’s a fact!!!!!!! I just hope that she pays sites like this and other nonsense no never mind. I just think that people should support young loving black couples and stop trying to tear them apart.

  7. Destiny Miller

    Well i dont hate on anyone….she’s jus not that cute point blank..but she is mo’s i really dont care..I speak whats on my mind trust i see her all the time without peeps only kno her from pictures……to be continued

  8. TIffany

    I just found out that the same girl on here keeps on making comments about Mo’s wife… She keeps on saying the same thing and changing her name, but PW’s record your email every time all I can say is you have to be pretty pathetic, desperate, and lame to keep responding to your own comments girl please get a life… TEAM UP with the WOrld for something good if you know what I mean….. SMDH. Entertainment for me.. BTW she is still a cute and sweet lady to me. GET a life

  9. Lisa

    It do not matter if she is cute to the world as long as Mo thinks she is the bomb that is alll that matters…True Love is not based on looks….Go Mo and Keisha

  10. Kris S

    I have spent a lot of time with Mo and Kesha since they moved to Cleveland and I can tell you that Kesha is not only a great mother, but also genuinely a good person and is gorgeous in person. This being said by a white guy with a barbie look a like wife. And another thing, they are both from middle class families and dont act like Mo makes $8 million per year, Mo and Kesha are very down to earth, good people and I can honestly say its a pleasure being friends with them. Anyone that is going to hate on them has some SERIOUS JEALOUSY ISSUES!


    Mo,I knew there was somethings eles I like about you beside being cute.we both are from mississippi,

  12. Ebony

    0mg they are a really cute couple. I don’t know Kesha personally, but Mo’ is a really good man, and they deserve each other. Love ya Mo’!! Good luck n the playoffs!! MOGOTTI IS A HUNK! hahaha.:)

  13. yvette

    I love Mo Williams, i would love to have him for myself. i think hes very good looking, lucky her!

  14. Asia Henry

    They alrite i guess…….He fine i see him at the camp in younger sister goes every year since it started.Keisha nice i guess a bit stuck up but who can blame

  15. Bird

    I love Kesha! She is such a great person & definitely a lot prettier than most players’ wives… Her personality makes her radiant! Love ya girl!

  16. Cleveland Lady

    I attended an event tonight in Cleveland where i met Mrs. Williams. She was tagging along behind Mo, letting him meet and greet with his fans. She seemed supportive, and gracious so I approached her. She was a very nice woman (and much more attractive in person than in her photos). If she has a bad reputation, it’s probably from people who are jealous that she scored such a fine husband! PS. ladies, Mo Williams smells AMAZING!

  17. local gal

    I’ve been knowing Kesha since her Richland Middle and Highschool days she was always well liked in school and popular. She was always a nice well rounded girl, I hope she is still the same ole girl that we all knew because she was super silly, sweet, and cute!

  18. Mrs.Schwartz

    What a beautiful nice young couple very grounded and family oriented. He’s very hot and dresses nice and she’s fly and cute. I would say keep up the good work a good example of what a nice successful young couple should be some others could learn from them.

  19. Deceit

    IDK why people keep saying she is not attractive. I saw a comment on Lebron and Savannah’s pics and was curious to what she looked like. She really is a pretty woman. They also make a cute couple.

  20. lyesha

    That girl is beautiful. Don’t hate her cause what she has. She is a secure 8.5, which is better than half the haters talking shit. Mo is a smart dude, trust he picked her for reasons othe than looks.

  21. Karen

    We met Keisha this evening and found her to be the epitome of a southern lady. It is refreshing to meet someone who is not only gracious but down-to-earth. We wish the Williams all the best in their future.

  22. shelly newson Rodgers

    didn’t want anything just wanted to say hi mo Williams is my cousin on his father’s side I see you guys are here in Minnesota now I live in Rochester Minnesota just wanted to say hi enjoy Minnesota

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