Shelden Williams’ wife Candace Parker


  1. BamBam55

    Happy thoughts. I can’t believe that people would have anything bad to say about this couple. Where is your picture. Your hiding. so you can stop that.

  2. TRH

    She’s pretty but as bad as I hate to admit he do look funny looking and UGLY! Lol but some people just not shadow… But as long as she’s happy, it’s good.

  3. Lady L

    All Y’all Some Fuckin Haters! Stop Worrying About What Her Husband Looks Like &&nd Worry About Ya Damn Selves! Half Of Y’all May Not Even Be As Good Looking As Candace Or Shelden! Get A Life Bitches!

    Yes I Support This Couple As Well As This Message… You Can Kiss My Ass If You Don’t Like What I Just Said!

  4. Florence

    I love yor game candice and i do like to player too in wnba.where ever peaple gona said u ll be my idol.i can dunk too.wish u the best

  5. ricky love

    love you candice and shelden and yall have the cuteis daughter dont worry about those morerunn!!!! its all ways gone be nagative people in the world dont listen too neg…..keep doing your thing staying postive and believe and god. god bless!!!

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