Kevin McHale’s wife Lynn McHale


  1. Gloria LeSueur

    Lynn…….I have no words to say to you to take away your pain. When you and I talked at the Paul Ryan rally briefly, I sensed your extreme concern for Sasha. I am so, so sorry Lynn. I understand your pain and anguish as our 28 year old son passed 4 years ago from an autoimmune disease which we did not know he had until it was too late. This is shocking and so very sad and my deepest love and condolences to you and your husband and children. God bless you in the days and years to come. Know that Evonne and Kristin and I will be there for you when you want and need us to be:) Love and prayers, Gloria LeSueur

  2. Kelly

    No parent should ever have to endure the agony of outliving a child. Although Sasha will always be in your heart, she is physically with you in a way that is often hard to recognize. The best part of you and the best part of her father combined to give you this wonderful daughter – a gift beyond what you could ever have imagined. Those parts of each of you are still physically here and because of that Sasha is here, too. There is no going back – there is only going forward -but in going forward, you always carry her with you. As parents, we remember the little moments that mean something sweet and wonderful only to us at that time. Eventually, those little moments continue to gather until we have the most special, amazing memories only parents can cherish in a way no others can. Right now, it’s hard to imaginge that will ever happen – but it will. Living your lives with her always in your hearts will keep her close to you and will honor her and what she means to you. Sasha will always be your daughter and you will always be her mom – no matter where either of you are. I hope for a sense of peace for you as you stuggle to get through the days ahead. Sasha will be at your side to hold you up when you need it most.

  3. Jim

    Lynn and Kevin
    my name is Jim i am from Boston (i had season ticket to Celts in 80’s but this is not about that )
    i want to let you know my heart goes out to you and Kevin,i dont want to sound selfish but i dont think anybody more than myself know what your family been through
    My daughter is 28 and been living with Lupus for the last 14 years she has had 2 bouts of chemo to replenish her kidney, she also had open heart surgey to replace a valve which the lupus attacked , she is so beautiful active and so positive , she is getting married in July to a great guy, she i under care at the Tufts medical center in Boston, what amazes me the most is she took a job on with Childrens hospital to help kids with heart problems
    I seen the photo of Sasha a see how beutiful she was and think about my daughter, my daughter aways tells me dont worry daddy but as a parent we do . please accept my condolences

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