Gordon Hayward’s Wife Robyn Hayward


  1. Jon

    You posted: “For his sake, we hope that Gordon Hayward’s girlfriend, who is soon to be Gordon Hayward’s wife Robin Van Vliet likes Salt Lake City, because she’ll be sticking around for a while.” Uh – NOPE! Robin might be sticking around for some time but Gordon won’t be in Utah very long. Once he can leave as a Free Agent he is GONE and will be playing for someone else.

  2. Catherine

    Five-year relationship to five-month whirlwind romance and engagement to someone barely out of high school? When the money runs out, so will she. Thought you had more gray matter, kid. You two deserve each other.

  3. Tina

    ^^ Catherine
    I think it’s rather sad you are so quick to judge. I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to
    say when it’s enough time for someone to get engaged or married.
    She may be young, but she looks like she comes from a great
    Christian family and has a great head on her shoulders. Shame on
    you for being so quick to judge. I think it’s great to see two young people
    truly happy and in love.

  4. Vickie

    Robyn, Congratulations on your marriage and welcome to Salt Lake City! If you need anything, please feel free to ask. We are here to help you become settled and we hope you enjoy our beautiful city. Again, our very best to you and Gordon. You already have many friends here, you just haven’t met us yet!

  5. Melody

    I just wanted a place to post this comment since Gordon’s wife deleted me from seeing her Instagram after I questioned why she never post ANY (zero) pictures of Gordon’s parents even with their grandchildren. Sad little immature girl. It must of struck a nerve. I guess so since she just turned 21. Good luck honey you might want to look into yourself as to why you had to block someone because they asked a simple question.

  6. Guest Star

    “Dead om?” Why should Robyn have to answer some random question about Gordon’s parents? Who the hell is Melody and what entitles her to know why robyn posts what she posts? It’s none of Robyn’s business why Robyn does or does not post certain pics. Good grief.

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