Jordan Zimmermann’s Wife Mandy Zimmermann

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  1. Richard J. Pufall

    Hi Mandy,

    My name is Richard Pufall. I am a retired newspaper editor and columnist. I was born and raised in Ashland, Wis.

    Now that I’m retired I write a weekly column for The Daily Press in Ashland.

    Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. I am interviewing your grandmother, Mabel, for a column about you, Jordan, Riley and Mabel.

    I know you were raised in Kaukauna, but could you tell me where you were born?

    Also, what is Riley’s date of birth? Could also tell me about your parents and where they were born and live now?

    I did get a lot of info from your wedding website and would like to ask permission to use that nice photo of you and Jordan and/or perhaps the picture of you, Jordan and Riley from this site?

    Thank you so much,


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