Daniel Murphy’s wife Victoria Ahern Murphy


  1. Peggy murphy

    My son, Daniel murphy who has Down syndrome met Daniel murphy and his wife after a met game in 2012. Daniel was so warm to my son, signed his ball and gave him a big hug. Wishing tori , Daniel and Noah a healthy happy life!

  2. Kevrob

    Boomer apologized for his remarks.


    “Again, I just want to reiterate one more time that if I in any way, shape or form insulted anybody, that was not my intention. My flippant remark was insensitive. I’ll leave it at that. And again, I feel terrible for the Murphy family, because what should be the greatest time in their life turned out to be somewhat of a firestorm that I personally put them into. And for that hopefully they can find forgiveness in their heart.”

    There’s an audio link on that page for a CBS Sports Minute where he mea culpas again.

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