Adam LaRoche’s wife Jennifer LaRoche


  1. Lauren T.

    That picture is actually of Sheri Langerhans, at her wedding to Ryan Langerhans. Adam and several other Braves were groomsmen.

  2. Candice Bruce-Provence

    Hey Jenn,
    How’s it going girl? I am so proud of Adam for finally getting the recognition that he deserves! 2 kiddos now huh, are there gonna be more? I am still in Oklahoma, married for almost 7 years now and we have a darling little girl who is 4 now (Jorja). look me up on facebook if you get a chance. Are you still working as an x-ray tech or just enjoying the life as a baseball players wife lol. I miss you and think about you guys all the time. I sure think about all the good times we had in Colorado lol. I’d love to talk to you.
    With love,

  3. Theresa Casale

    I remember Moe running around in a diaper only, the day my son, Roger, came to buy the motorcycle-chopper (when you lived in the corner house). Then, later, he ran out of gas in the neighborhood. Adam stumbled upon him and filled the tank so he could get home. Boy, how time filies by!! Eastlake is not the same wiithout you. Good Luck with whatever you guyz do…Theresa C.

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