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John Lackey's wife Krista Clark Lackey

UPDATE: 09-28-2011: With the John and Krista Lackey divorce story hitting the national landscape, our inbox has seen a number of tips and stories about some of the details behind the divorce. While most of these emails are nothing more than inane speculation, we have had one qualified tip sent in from a source who would prefer to remain anonymous.
According to our source, security was recently called to John Lackey's home residence over the past few days, as an intoxicated Lackey was apparently intoxicated and breaking things. We do not believe police were called in, rather private security to handle. We are also under the impression that Krista was not at home during the incident. We'll have more details if they come available.
09-27-2011: After his start on Sunday night against the Yankees but before the news of his pending divorce had broken, John Lackey lashed out at an anonymous media member who had sent him a text message on the matter just 30 minutes before his start. All he would say was, "Thirty minutes before the game I got a text message on my cell phone from one of you, somebody in the media, talking about personal stuff. I shouldn't even have to be standing up here dealing with it. I'm sitting here, listening to music. I don't know who got my phone number, but that's over the line."
09-26-2011: TMZ has found court documents filed in Texas on August 30th that indicate John Lackey has filed for divorce from his wife, Krista Lackey. We can only hope that this divorce is unrelated to Krista's ongoing fight with cancer, but really find the timing awful. The report also indicated that Lackey had a prenuptial agreement with his, soon to be, ex-wife Krista Lackey. As Red Sox fans, we'd like to write off his poor performance this season to marital troubles but we highly doubt that he'll be any better one he is divorced.
05-12-2011: Back in February, John Lackey told reporters that he spent much of his off-season in California so that his wife, Krista Lackey, could get treatment for breast cancer. At that time, he said that she was doing well. Fast forward to last night, Lackey continued his recent string of awful pitching and in his post-game interview, said that "Everything in my life sucks right now". Understandably, especially given the cancer issues that Krista had gone through, none of the reporters pressed Lackey for details. We're hoping that this doesn't mean that Krista is having further complications with breast cancer.

Krista Clark Lackey is a native Mainer who went on to graduate from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in tourism and event planning. The native New Englander admits that when she and John first started dating she had to convince her father, brother and sister stop wearing their Red Sox gear around the former Angel ace.

Alright, so last year at this time, in a bitter and jealous fit, we may have trashed Mark Teixeira for letting his wife make his free agent decision.
In the interest of full disclosure, John openly admitted that he was lured to the Red Sox in part because of Krista. "I definitely had to have my agent really let them [The Red Sox] know I was serious about this. The wife helped out a lot. (He told them), My wife went to UNH.”
I'm desperately searching for a way to call this ok without looking like a hypocrite in view of my previous stance towards Leigh Teixeira, but I'm coming up empty. I'll say it anyways: Krista Lackey's influence is OK by us.
And so is being a homer and a hypocrite.

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  1. mike break-away

    i would deffinately bang that hoe...nicely

  2. erin

    she is so pretty andhe is a beast now we knowthe main reason she got with him in the first place!!!! lol

  3. jack

    John Lackey you overpaid piss of shit. Everytime I think of you, I picture myself walking in on mu roommate drilling your wife in the ass while on my couch while she was an undergrade at UNH. At least she has nice tits.

  4. Phil

    She is off the charts ..like a 12 !!! Better spend a lot of $$$ to keep her..

  5. Phil

    Stop the disrespectful comments already

  6. NH Woman with Breast Cancer

    You commenters should be ashamed. Krista Lackey has breast cancer and all you can write are filthy things about her. Are there no moderators on here?? I'm embarrassed to be on the same Internet as you.

  7. southpawmom

    Disgusting human beings and you know who you are. Did you never learn any manners or did you just decide your mother was as worthless as you seemingly feel other women are? Grow up.

  8. BrotherKaye

    Those horrible,disgusting comments,just indicate how totally lacking in anything which would even quantify those posting them as remotely related to the human species.Other than cowards and losers that is.

  9. thinds

    Your grammar is atrocious, BrotherKaye. I love it when dumb people try to sound smart, and you sir, are clearly dumb.

  10. eli_dub

    she is ridiculously hot! just saw her this weekend. she has super short brown hair now, and looks even better than as a blonde. her face is breathtaking, built like a bombshell, legs a mile long! i couldn't stop looking at her!

  11. Lackey friend

    As a personal friend of John's, let me tell you Krista is a horrible human being, cancer or no cancer. She made his life HELL and everyone in his life is so happy he finally left her. This divorce was a long time coming and cancer had nothing to do with it.

  12. Elizabeth Mose

    Krist----I'm so sorry you are sick, you are such a beautiful woman, I'm sorry you guys got divorce, but try to end things on a positive note.

    John---- I love you, you have always been a good christian man, you are in my prayers, I will always be here for you, and on your side.

  13. Trevor Garner

    John, dump her and get back to the OC Sports Grill ( AKA National Sports Grill) Shit dude, I told you after the 2002 WS you would be great. Now don't let this bitch ruin your life.

  14. keith

    Hey leave this women alone. She is a very pretty women who has to deal with John Lackey and had the respect to have her family take their Sox caps off. (Bad move) But as his wife she stood by him and it seems to me she cared for him? You guys are all just jealous. Krista hope your feeling better. Keep fighting the goodfight...And dont listen to any bullshit..

  15. keith

    If Im wrong then Karma will take its course for either??

  16. Tanner115@optonline.net

    I think the guy has no guts. "Sickness and health to death due them part ".
    I hope he sleeps at night. He truly is a "LACKEY". He will suffer some day.