David Freese’s Wife Public Service Announcement


  1. Anonymous

    Hate to say it, but Colby does have a fiance. Her name is megan. They also have a daughter together named rylee.

  2. Kristen

    You’re an idiot! And technically, yes, Craig doesn’t have a “girlfriend” or “wife,” but he DOES have a fiancé and WILL be married in 13 days!!!

  3. Holly

    He’s just Hot! Been a Cards fan since I was born! Love the Cards and Love Freese! Awesome that he is from STL! Go Cards! Bring it home in 2012!

  4. Mrs. David Richard Freese

    I’m David’s girlfriend. We’ve been seeing eachother since this summer. JUST KIDDING. Oh God, do I wish I was David’s girlfreind!!! He’s so flipping sexy. I pretend that he’s my boyfreind sometimes, lol(:

  5. Nicole

    I would love to meet David! I’m not a fan of his money or his fame I just want to meet him as an individual and get to know who he is a person! Have such a crush on him before he got super famous. Would love to know how to meet him :D

  6. Mrs. I hate David Freese

    Boy how would be desperate enough to date him? When I saw a pic of him and Erin Andws I thought they were dating so I said: aww man! I just made fun of Erin andrews

  7. pat

    I wouldn’t mind to be his girlfriend, since I think he’s the cutest/hottest baseball player ever and we’re both from St. Louis, but I’m from the STL city and he’s from Wildwood.

  8. Jenny

    I LOVE DAVID FREESE!!!!! He is SOOO awesome! i want to marry him lol I want to meet him sooooooooooo much David I’m your biggest fan! :)

  9. Barbara

    There’s something to this. David was born in Texas and stayed 4 years before moving to St L. I was born in St. L (Deaconess Hosp) and lived blissfully happy in Crestwood for 6 years before doing as I was told and “go pack”. To live in Hell, Dallas, Texas. I wanna go back home! You know where the decent, friendly, good baseball team is. I’ll live anywhere close to the stadium – I’ll take it. My only opportunity is June 21,2013 when you play the Texas Rangers. They will be so happy to get their butt kicked by the Cardinals, in such good weather. I, of course will do everything to attract #23’s attention. He’s gonna have a great game. He already knows how to rain on their parade. See you 6/23, I think I hear church bells. Love you forever, Barbara

  10. Barbara

    My previous comment is awaiting moderation for what! I didn’t use profanity and it stays as is. Period! Go Cardinals!

  11. Sue

    All you people saying you know his fiancé or that he hooked up with your friend are so full of it I’m going to need a shovel to get out of here lol. I mean seriously. You’re anonymous on the internet. What can you possibly get out of making such claims?

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