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Ryan Howard's wife Krystle Howard

12/06/2012: Ryan Howard married Krystle Campbell on December 1, 2012 before fleeing off to Maui for their honeymoon. The internet is getting flooded with pictures of Ryan and Krystle taking pictures in the water in what's become a newly popular tradition of "Trash The Dress," where the bride wrecks her wedding dress for some (usually) cool wedding pictures. Congrats to the newlyweds.

08/15/2012: Those engagement rumors were clearly true, as we have a flurry of new activity to cover.

Ryan Howard and fiancee Krystle Campbell are set to tie the knot on December 1, 2012. How was this date revealed? Much like the way most wedding dates are found on the internet: someone found the couple's wedding registry. An editorial aside for a moment: Ryan Howard is in the midst of being grossly overpaid with a $125MM contract,... so I found it pretty cool that the couple kept their registry within reason and affordable for most non-professional athlete guests. Class gesture.

Additionally, we've also learned that Krystle is about to be featured on the TLC reality show Say Yes To The Dress, which is set to premiere Friday, August 17. Hold on, I'll go get my wife to explain what the hell this show is:

"So brides go on, and they show them a bunch of ridiculously expensive dresses at this fancy boutique called Kleinfeld's in New York City. The brides bring their friends, family and bridesmaids to watch them try on a bunch of different dresses, and of course they all make really catty remarks about how the bride looked when she goes out back to try on another dress. This show is fantastic! Guess who just got control of the TV this Friday night."

So there it is. Ryan Howard gets engaged, and I lose the TV to a wedding dress reality show. Thanks, dude. Congratulations I guess.

04/06/2011: Rumors have been flying in lately that Ryan and Krystle are now engaged. No official word on wedding dates or plans.

Krystle is a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader with 6 seasons under her belt. According to her bio, she is a Westchester University graduate who currently teaches 2nd grade, which she also calls the greatest accomplishment of her life.

In terms of her dating resume, Krystle is also a veteran of the Philadelphia pro athlete scene, after dating Flyers center Jeff Carter for a short time. It's not known how long the couple has been together for, but the two were first spotted holding hands in Miami during the Super Bowl weekend of 2011.

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67 Responses to “Ryan Howard's wife Krystle Howard”

  1. halfie

    I feel sorry for him because he can't get a better woman then ugly sloppy seconds or groupies.

  2. kim

    sloppy second? um im pretty sure you have been with at least one guy in your life before.. seriously people are allowed to date.
    love is patient
    love is kind
    love is not jealous nor envious...
    so fuck off !
    -signed, jesus.

  3. halfie

    gold digging sloppy seconds. and this girl has been around philly alot.

  4. hh

    lol, she looks like she's leading around her golden goose. I sense a Tiger situation here.

  5. jos

    she is a teacher at the school next to mine and she is very nice ryan howard came in the school and read and played kick ball with the 2nd graders they are both really nice people

  6. hoax

    Is he any better at kickball than he is at baseball?
    Or does he miss the ball when he goes to kick it as well?

  7. Jack Monster

    hey Halfie is that your name or is that mean you have half a brain !!, why do you need to talk shit on people you dont even know, and dont even try it, you wish you knew them !, sucks to be you, wouldn't want to carry all that anger around with me, good luck bro, hope you find some peace !

  8. the original Mrs. howard

    I love Ryan,,,,,,I am a really nice person however he would never look my way.

  9. Stephanie

    Ryan Howard can do SOOOOO much better like K.C.

  10. mikemac

    Ryan has got to step up his clothing game, look how she is dressed and he looks like a slob, I guess being a millionaire makes up for it

  11. lovie

    Umm, no her dress is tacky as well. When your chasing money it doesn't matter how you dress.

  12. Anonymous

    I LOVE MISS CAMPBELL!!!!! She student taught at my school and she is the nicest person ever! I miss her so much!
    -Meghan Killian

  13. Kai

    To each his own...

  14. Kai

    It's not my place to judge. If he likes her that's his business. He's a good guy and I wish him the very best.

  15. Brian

    Haha people on here are so sad. Especially the girls. Always so judgmental. If you were in her place and had an opportunity to meet/date Ryan Howard you would. Doesn't necessarily make her a gold digger. Why is it that people in general are so petty and moronic? lol

  16. Courtney

    Hope she will be able to manage her daughters hair...

  17. lovie

    lol@courtney. She won't. The poor child's hair will be a mess.

  18. Armand

    Thats a pretty racist comment Courtney,God doesn't like Ugly.Lovie is just as shallow. Trailer trash courtney and lovie.

  19. Denver

    sick! its a gross situation!

  20. lovie

    @Armand. Why is that a racist comment. It is a known fact that white women can't manage black women's hair. Have you seen Angelina Jolie's daughter Zaharha's hair. Look at Heidi Klums's daughter and you will see.

  21. Erik

    Damn she's hot!

  22. Erik

    But come on now Ryan Howard is not good looking, he has a cow nose. If he were a regular he could in now way get a woman as fine as her. She is a GOLD DIGGER definitely

  23. lovie

    125 million will make the ugliest man seem attractive.

  24. britbrat

    We all know teachers don't make much money...so she had to supplement her income and Ryan seems like the best candidate...he rich, young, built and rich!

    I bet she quit her job if they marry...

  25. The Anti-Cleat Chaser

    Prenup Ryan! Prenup! Oh for the love of God make her sign a prenup!

  26. KCfan4life

    My niece is in Krystle's class and she absolutely LOVES her teacher! Miss Campbell is very attentive to her students and her classroom 109 is decorated with some incredible educational materials and her students' artwork on the walls. Whatever she does in her "private" life is her business, but she definitely loves her class and children. ANd she really does love Ryan Howard.
    -Signed Aunt Allie and "Neice"

  27. Dez

    I think Ryan Howard is a handsome and cool guy. I would date, marry and be loyal to him if giving the chance.

  28. Jive dude

    Once you go black, you ain't allowed back.

  29. Barry

    lovie is probaly a man hating. are you saying ryan howard is ugly because he's black get a grip trailor trash.

  30. Barry

    erik can you get her? why are you worrying about another man. oh yea hes black get use to it white women love black men.

  31. Rob G.

    Was her mom wearing KRYSTLE perfume when she was conceived? What a cheesy name!

  32. Hung Like a Horsey

    Is he hung like a horse or what?

  33. stan

    Howard is the worlds greatest major league baseball player.
    He makes Babe Ruth look like a loser.
    He's talented, athletic, handsome, educated,
    etc etc
    Phillies are lucky to have him.

    PS-I must admit that, once in a while,
    he'll swng and miss...by two feet.

  34. A high school classmate

    Wow, I went to high school with Krystal and actually didn't think much of her due t a BUT she def doesn't deserve all this hate!! I mean you people are absolutely ridiculous. Especially those of you who are black talkin shit!! It amazes me the hypocrisy that goes around it's unbelievable. Get a life, seriously, get a life. They both have contributed numerous favors to our community in one way or another. I know she doesn't deserve this BS!

    OH AND to the person saying that her daughters hair will look like trash got news for you. I know a lot of little black girls who look ratty and trashy cause they're hair isn't done and actually BOTH of their parents are black. Actually I've witnessed that a lot. So how dare you talk about what her furture child going to look like. I do know her a little bit and I promise you, her daughter will look nothing but adorable. So F off. Matter fact I'd be more worried about a black women raising a white girl.

    Now u can come back with I'm a racist and blah blah but some of my best friends are black... I'm just a realist and don't tollerate ignorance. So again, get a life

  35. A high school classmate

    Oh and the gold digging comments are ridiculous. She comes from money, and will inherit a lot of it... She teachers cause she loves it. Do you really think her plan was, go to college at the best teaching school around, become a teacher and start working JUST TO get married to phillies player Ryan Howard? So pathetic and dumb... Geeeet a life!

  36. Vinny

    Scank. ain't nuttin but monkey love...

  37. Sad Panda

    The level of racism and hate in this country never ceases to amaze me.

  38. Veronica

    KC has always been looking for money and being a celebrity. Have to say, she is getting exactly those two things. It surprises me that Ryan would fall for this. I hope he's slightly smarter when deciding on getting her to sign a prenup.

  39. James

    Ryan deserves a good woman who will look after him as you can see her helping him around as he recuperates from a torn achillies tendon. It is not easy taking care of someone who is injured but she is willing to help him heal. And that speaks volumes about the woman he may well take as a wife some day. Gold diggers would not want to be bothered with maintenance needs of an injured person.

    I am happy for him if he is happy with her. I wish the couple all the best in life and hope they will enjoy much happiness in their relationship and marriage if they choose to go that way. Being a teacher is hard work and not a job gold diggers would want to do but she knows how the world works. Good for her.

  40. jay

    If he was Black and not a millionaire, Kristie would look the other way. That's how Black men get white women - with money. They don't even like to share money with black women -but will share with a white woman. I haven't quite figured out why. Wish i could ask one of those rich black guys. I'd date him for the money.

  41. the videoman

    Guess what i know their wedding date and the location of their wedding! Ill actually be there enjoying the other cheerleaders!

  42. Harold

    Yes it's all about love... It has nothing to do with the fact she's a superficial cheerleader and he's a super rich athlete.

    I just find it sad that Ryan Howard turned his back on his mother, grandmother and the many black women who were in his life because his kids will never be black. They'll be mulatto.

  43. Jasmine

    I know Krystal Campbell... She was my Teacher for Second Grade...she went to Nottingham Elementry School... That's where I go... But now I'm in Hopewell Elementry School for 5th and 6th grade...

  44. Jennifer

    I also know Krystal Campbell, she was my daughter's teacher at Nottingham as well. She was a wonderful teacher, her classroom was beautiful, she thought of fun and entertaining ways to teach her children. They all loved her. I met her not too long ago and had no idea she was dating Ryan Howard. She didn't brag about it, she wasn't overly dressed in expensive clothes, she was polite and nice. You can't fake that!!! I had no idea when my daughter said she was getting married who she was getting married to. That is not someone who is out for fame!!! She loves teaching and loves children. So stop the hating. People who know her, know that she is not all of this trash that is written here by obviously jealous people. Wish them nothing but the best. Ryan has found a perfect wife and mother to his future children. Stop with the hate, it is disgusting and ugly... which makes the people saying it disgusting, ugly, jealous and just plain nasty. Why not try and be happy for someone for a change...... it just may make you a happier person. Best wishes Miss Campbell and Ryan. You are going to have a wonderful life together!!!! Sincerely, a former parent of one of your past students!!!!

  45. Aaron Hines

    I had Ms. Campbell for a teacher.. and she was an Eagles cheerleader... so she actually not on a teacher salary, maybe she likes Ryan cause he's a nice guy..

  46. Garlin

    Is she insane?? This girl is so pretty and he is so ugly. His nostrils are at least 4 times the width of hers. This is so disgusting! She is defiling her flesh by bedding with this repulsive ape.

  47. robe

    to jay,vinnie,jive dude ,lovie and Courtney as your black father who conceived yall with all of your moms I am appalled at the racist,rhetorical replies being sprouted by you illegitemit kids.just because I didn't send your mothers the money that I said is no reason for the diatribe.i was gonna send all of you 2 cases each of kraft mac and cheese and raimens noodles along with a case of spam for xmas.apologise for the idiotic remarks and I will still send the spam.mr and mrs howard,yes they are married now I am sorry for my bastard kids remarks as they got it from there moms but have a good life happy new year and xmas.peace

  48. robe

    be good be true don't follow the crowd.dont drink.keep your friends close.patch up whatever thing ryans mom don't like about you but don't bend over backwards trying to get her to like you .just be yourself.create the trust that is needed for both of you to have a great life.do not read any phila newspapers or watch the news and you will be ok.

  49. Destiny's Truth

    @ Garlin. You sound like a stupid, jealous, racist hater. What does someone's nostril size has to do with a person being a good spouse? In my opinion, he seems to have more going for himself than she does, she's got more to gain from the relationship, and she's not Miss Universe either. @ High School Classmate why are you singling out black people's criticism of the woman possibly marrying Ryan for his money when there are a bunch of whites on here saying ridiculously racist things towards blacks in general? There are gold digging women always trying to get with athletes so the concern is actually a legit one.

  50. Be at Peace

    Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Howard !

  51. murphman

    I am not surprised at the racist comments made by hating people. The world of Philadelphia is not called the city of brotherly shove for no reason. People who boo Santa Claus and have a court room and holding cell in one of their sports stadiums cannot be expected to act civilized. The way I feel about it is Mr and Mrs Ryan should just ignore the num dumb racist idiots and enjoy their life together. I wish them well and I know in the end love will conquer all.

  52. Joshua Oswald

    I loved ms Campbell! She used to read to my class when I was little :)

  53. aulana

    If you krystal came out of penncrest that speaks for it self.

  54. lovie

    Love all the racist comments...Not. People really don't think that a school teacher um I mean former teacher could be a gold digger? She came up by marrying him and gained more than she would have ever had. Btw didn't she quit her job after getting engaged? Also if she wasn't trying to be up front and center why appear on this show? Hope he has an iron clad pre nup.

  55. Susan

    Kim said it all. :)

  56. JoeBlo

    She must love the Alabama black snake.

  57. No Zebras Allowed

    Look, we all know he wants her because she's a cute white girl (his conquest/hood ornament) and she married the money. If he didn't have money, she would never even have spoken to him. He then would be marrying a women of color or at least lesser looks. From what I have read Ryan seems like a nice person, but he certainly is not a good looking guy. Hopefully he invests his money well, because if not she will be gone as soon as the money runs dry. Look at the typical NFL,NBA black athlete/cute white girl marriage. It's all about love until the career ends and a two years later he's broke. Funny how the domestic abuse and the divorce follows soon thereafter.

  58. Jane Bonkoski

    Krystle, My step daughter's nephew had you as his second grade teacher and loved you, as did every one else. Steel yourself because there are many hateful people in the world. Avoid toxic people. Love each other and be good to your families. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And remember that the word fair appears only in the dictionary. We hope that Ryan's surgery will be successful. You both have to be patient during this very difficult time, and it may not be easy. But if you truly love each other you will be fine. We don't know you, but we love you because you are good kind people. Take care; stay safe, and please please don't drink or text while driving. Jane Bonkoski, a retired high school and community college teacher 35 years--age 70, totally paralyzed on left side as a result of a catastropic stroke I had in 2010. Truly I don't have good days, but I try to do my best. Blessings to you, Ryan and your families.I will always keep you in my heart. You will have a good life if you work at it. Marriage is extremely difficult, but you can and will make it. Always watch your back though.

  59. Lex

    You people really do not do your homework K came from a well off family who made her work hard for everything she has ever gotten. She is a sweet hearted person who would help anyone learn the facts before you judge because your jealous

  60. Tracey

    I love Ryan Howard and Ryan Howard is a awesome player for the Phillies and I hope Howard is doing okay best wishes

  61. Tracey

    Ryan Howard you r soooooooooo awesome

  62. Penncrest Grad

    Not sure what Aulana's comment about Penncrest was all about. It as a darn good school as of 2003. I graduated from that high school and was in Campbell's class. Never really knew her all that well, but I don't remember hearing anything negative about her... certainly nothing that would warrant the kind of vitriol being spouted on this site. I'm not a huge fan of Howard as a ball player, I think he's a bit overrated, but I wish them the best. And props to Krystle for taking on teaching, tough job.

  63. Guest

    She's ugly and chubby.

  64. Phlsfan6

    I'm a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and I'm also a huge fan of Ryan Howard. Ryan and Krystle look like a beautiful couple. Best wishes to the both of them. GO PHILLIES!!!

  65. black pete

    Howard is the best 1st baseman in baseball! So happy he is making 25mil a year he deserves every dollar with a 225avg and 44k's. He must be thinking of his fine white tail at home while he's at the plate. He should spend all that money now cause that cracker is going to take half later anyway. Enjoy ryan I hope you can hit that ass better then a curve ball!

  66. Lucy Lam

    Why the hell would a black person raise a white child? Poc don't have that white savior complex like the whites do. Typical white people " i have black friends" bs lol. Make sure your kids don't have lice first. Eehh two ugly people usually make cute kids so her son/daughter will be ok. But he is ugly sorry.

  67. Elizabeth

    Jersey chaser!!! I saw her on Say Yes to the Dress and she is a fake ugly bitch