Ryan Howard’s wife Krystle Howard


  1. murphman

    I am not surprised at the racist comments made by hating people. The world of Philadelphia is not called the city of brotherly shove for no reason. People who boo Santa Claus and have a court room and holding cell in one of their sports stadiums cannot be expected to act civilized. The way I feel about it is Mr and Mrs Ryan should just ignore the num dumb racist idiots and enjoy their life together. I wish them well and I know in the end love will conquer all.

  2. lovie

    Love all the racist comments…Not. People really don’t think that a school teacher um I mean former teacher could be a gold digger? She came up by marrying him and gained more than she would have ever had. Btw didn’t she quit her job after getting engaged? Also if she wasn’t trying to be up front and center why appear on this show? Hope he has an iron clad pre nup.

  3. No Zebras Allowed

    Look, we all know he wants her because she’s a cute white girl (his conquest/hood ornament) and she married the money. If he didn’t have money, she would never even have spoken to him. He then would be marrying a women of color or at least lesser looks. From what I have read Ryan seems like a nice person, but he certainly is not a good looking guy. Hopefully he invests his money well, because if not she will be gone as soon as the money runs dry. Look at the typical NFL,NBA black athlete/cute white girl marriage. It’s all about love until the career ends and a two years later he’s broke. Funny how the domestic abuse and the divorce follows soon thereafter.

  4. Jane Bonkoski

    Krystle, My step daughter’s nephew had you as his second grade teacher and loved you, as did every one else. Steel yourself because there are many hateful people in the world. Avoid toxic people. Love each other and be good to your families. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And remember that the word fair appears only in the dictionary. We hope that Ryan’s surgery will be successful. You both have to be patient during this very difficult time, and it may not be easy. But if you truly love each other you will be fine. We don’t know you, but we love you because you are good kind people. Take care; stay safe, and please please don’t drink or text while driving. Jane Bonkoski, a retired high school and community college teacher 35 years–age 70, totally paralyzed on left side as a result of a catastropic stroke I had in 2010. Truly I don’t have good days, but I try to do my best. Blessings to you, Ryan and your families.I will always keep you in my heart. You will have a good life if you work at it. Marriage is extremely difficult, but you can and will make it. Always watch your back though.

  5. Lex

    You people really do not do your homework K came from a well off family who made her work hard for everything she has ever gotten. She is a sweet hearted person who would help anyone learn the facts before you judge because your jealous

  6. Tracey

    I love Ryan Howard and Ryan Howard is a awesome player for the Phillies and I hope Howard is doing okay best wishes

  7. Penncrest Grad

    Not sure what Aulana’s comment about Penncrest was all about. It as a darn good school as of 2003. I graduated from that high school and was in Campbell’s class. Never really knew her all that well, but I don’t remember hearing anything negative about her… certainly nothing that would warrant the kind of vitriol being spouted on this site. I’m not a huge fan of Howard as a ball player, I think he’s a bit overrated, but I wish them the best. And props to Krystle for taking on teaching, tough job.

  8. Phlsfan6

    I’m a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and I’m also a huge fan of Ryan Howard. Ryan and Krystle look like a beautiful couple. Best wishes to the both of them. GO PHILLIES!!!

  9. black pete

    Howard is the best 1st baseman in baseball! So happy he is making 25mil a year he deserves every dollar with a 225avg and 44k’s. He must be thinking of his fine white tail at home while he’s at the plate. He should spend all that money now cause that cracker is going to take half later anyway. Enjoy ryan I hope you can hit that ass better then a curve ball!

  10. Lucy Lam

    Why the hell would a black person raise a white child? Poc don’t have that white savior complex like the whites do. Typical white people ” i have black friends” bs lol. Make sure your kids don’t have lice first. Eehh two ugly people usually make cute kids so her son/daughter will be ok. But he is ugly sorry.

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