Michael Young’s wife Cristina Barbosa-Young


  1. cindi

    She’s FAT and UGLY and a “nobody” compared to a really cool guy like Michael. She HAD to have gotten pregnant on purpose to “catch” him. He could do SO MUCH BETTER.

  2. Paul

    Cindi – that’s just a fucked up thing to say. She not fat, not ugly – and is actually a really good person. I knew Christina when I was younger – maybe Michael Young isn’t a douchebag and actually wants to marry someone who is a good human being who will be faithful, loyal and a great person. What the hell is wrong with that? You really pissed me off.

  3. Kim Parrott

    Christina is a real woman who is dedicated to Michael and her kids and she does a lot of community work as well as Michael. He obviously loves her and since hs so shut up. She is beautiful. If you want perfection..GET A BARBIE…they seem by interviews to be very happy and have a great married life. Not all women are meant to be “skinny” esp if you are having children. If you aren’t obsessed with your weight and you are not one of those people who are little skinny by nature, then you can’t help it. Get over it. who is one to judge by not being “skinny”? you have the issue..maybe u are jealous bc you aren’t with Michael bc he is a great man. They are one of the baseball couples that will make it through the end bc he is loyal, honest and dedicated. He makes it known he loves his beautiful wife. Jealousy is a sad thing.

  4. Nicole

    CINDI, I would agree that you are a total stupid bitch. Seriously, Cristina is a gorgeous amazing person inside and out. I grew up with Cristina and have remained friends with her throughout our adulthood. I normally wouldn’t give someone like you the time of day, but for those who don’t know her personally, she is an amazing person who is funny, caring, generous, authentic, and the list goes on and on. Cindi, it’s too bad that you are pathetic enough to write such a thing. And quite honestly, I was offended by what you said about my good friend, and it pisses me off b/c it’s so off the mark. Cristina is better than you’ll ever be…

  5. Richie

    Cindi. Cristina is my cousin. Your statement reeks of pure jealousy. They were high school sweethearts. They were together long before they’re son. Cristina is so cool, she would probably forgive you for what you said. I love her very much. She’s a phenomenal person.

  6. DJ

    I went to school with Cristina. She actually is really cool. (Also, you dont see this written, but she went to really good school and is successful on her own.) Good on her for helping Kids with Cancer as well. Knowing Cristina, I actually always thought Michael Young was the lucky one!

  7. lin

    I think Michael and Cristina make a nice looking couple and admire her for her work with Kids with Cancer. I’m really not happy the Rangers have let him down and he has asked for a trade. sure would like to see him stay with the Rangers

  8. Vic

    I am a personal friend of Christina and her family. First of all cindi, how you got the idea that she is fat is a mystery. She is not. Christina, Michale and their families are some of the nicest, warmest people that you could ever know. As a Texas Rangers fan I have gotten to know them well through Christina and covet them as friends.

  9. Eva

    Cindi, jealousy is an ugly thing. Too bad you are wrought with it! I went to high school with Cristina, she was 3 years older than me. I admired her then and respect her now. She was the Homecoming Queen and captain of the girl’s soccer team, and one of the nicest, most humble, most beautiful, and funniest person you’ll ever meet. She went on to graduate from an Ivy League university, so call me crazy, but Michael would be hard-pressed to do any better! Cristina, you go girl! You make us proud!

  10. Shelly

    I am very saddened by the ignorance shown on here. Cindi’s comment was just plain idiotic. But to call her a stupid #@$%^ is just as bad. Most comments are well written though, and good for everyone else for sticking up for a lady who seems to be beautiful inside and out!!

  11. Pete

    Dear Michael,
    I don’t usually frequent these kinds of sites, but I knew of no other way to write you a note and tell you what a remarkable wife you have. I spotted her at a recent TX Rangers’ ballgame (recognized her from a program photo) and introduced myself (and my 86 year old father) to her.
    My father is very sick and in a wheelchair. Cristina spent almost 45 mins talking to my father. She was warm, receptive, attentive, and charming. It made my father’s day. He spent all weekend with a smile remarking how wonderful and kind your wife was to him…She’s not only beautiful and intelligent, but her kindness and down-to-earth character was so impressive. Good work, Michael, she’s a catch!

  12. Michelle

    Hi Cristina! Remember me? I met you at the Susan B Komen Breast Cancer 5K walk last year, I believe you were the Honorary Chair.

    Thank you for all that you do for women in the the North Dallas/TX community. I was completely taken by your beauty, intelligence, kindness, and generosity of spirit. Thank you for taking time out of your personal life to support such a remarkable cause.

    You certainly give new definition to “player’s wives”. Michael is the lucky one.

  13. Mateo

    Great choice to name your son Mateo that’s my name too as you can see and it’s the best of all names. :) Good luck to Mateo and all Mateo’s across the Universe.

  14. Lia

    Hahaha I liked Cindis comment being a bitch myself I agree with her who cares who knows her and blah blah I dont know her just what I see and what I see is ugly !!!! Bash me to if you want who cares !

  15. Rebecca Barbosa

    I’d never heard of this website until just now, but I must share the truth about Michael and Cristina Young…

    Cristina Barbosa Young is my husbands niece and we are all very proud of her, Michael and their two handsome boys. Michael & Cristina have a solid, loving and respectful marriage. They are each very good looking, as are their sons. And both Michael & Cristina are very generous, kind and considerate of others.

    To you women who have written so rudely, it is quite obvious that you are not only jealous, but lack an education! Rather than be supportive of other women you bash them. How very childish; even my two 8 year old granddaughters act more mature than you will ever hope to become.

    Michael & Cristina have a deep faith in God and with that to sustain them, they live for each other. If you only knew them, you wouldn’t make the stupid comments you’ve written except to show the world how pathetic you are. Good luck trying to find a man that loves you as much as Mike loves Cris.

  16. tony

    I don’t care how nice she is, I think she’s hot! There is a reason why men like me are attracted to beautiful women like MY’s wife: insecure women suck. Cristina, if you get tired of Michael, look me up! I’ll treat you like a queen!

  17. Dalia


  18. LMAO

    So serious here my goodness all these praises on Christina Babosa ! Women has latina in her and can’t even say her own sons names right …. MUH-TAY-O it’s Mah-tay-o dumb assssss ! Giving your kids mexican names and saying them like that STFU

  19. courtneycunningham

    micheal young i want you to hear this song it is called o what a savior i love you so much micheal to micheal young from courtney

  20. Bobby Guerrero

    I don’t really know you, other than we share the “Silva” blood. Our grandmas were sisters, and our dads were cousins. Your grandma Maragret / Wedda would be proud of you of all you have become and what a Godly woman you have become. You are a true example of the Proverbs 31 woman, for the fact you extend yourself to the poor and needy and are seeking answers and giving help to people that have cancer. I’m sure your Tia Chelo (my grandma) is proud of what you have become, and your dad Henry is so proud of you also…God bless you on your journey serving God!!!!

  21. kd

    To the basher girls : do your insecurities bother u when you’re waiting on customers at McDonald’s as well? I’m sure you do well in the minimum wage work force but this site is for respectable humans so get off your trashy boyfriends computer and get back to saying what u say best! Would u like to supersize that?

  22. Lisa Munoz

    Sad to hear he is retiring.
    What a beautiful family , it’s very sad ro see such ugly comments
    about his gorgeous wife.

    May GOD continue to BLESS him and his family .

  23. Mejicana guerra

    What a wonderful couple! To have such great accomplishments in life and being able to share them is overwhelming! Your sons will have great accomplishments in life, due to your (both) upbringing! This world clearly needs more people like you(both). Ignorance of people is clearly identifying themselves.
    Jealousy will eventually eat them up and (they) will never get ahead in life. Cristina, although I don’t know you, you and Michael make us (Hispanics/mejicanos) very proud of our heritage. You go girl! May the God Lord always bless you, your husband and your young family and continue moving forward

  24. Sandra Morales

    I watched the TX Rangers honor Michael’s career recently on a pre game ceremony. He thanked his wife for giving up her Ivy League education and dreams to help him realize his. He thanked his sons for giving his life meaning.
    What a cool family!
    you rarely see professional athletes who are so real.
    Michael, baseball is going to miss you and the philanthropic efforts you and your beautiful wife perform year after year. I hope your family stays in Dallas.
    I didn’t know your wife attended an Ivy League school? Nice catch! Brains and beauty! Good work and congrats to your whole family!

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