Cliff Lee’s wife Kristen Lee


  1. Pat Reno

    I find Kristin a beautiful soul. She has survived caring for a child with cancer. She is strong, gracious, supportive, and a wonderful example to all women.

  2. Pat Reno

    I find Kristin a beautiful soul. She has survived caring for a child with cancer. She is strong, gracious, supportive, and a wonderful example to all women.
    My rating is a 5.

  3. Harriet

    So people automatically feel that all baseball players – in fact all professional athletes – are supposed to be married to women who look like models. Did you ever think that maybe Cliff and his wife might have been together or known each other for years and years? What the hell is the difference what someone LOOKS like, you morons? Grow up and realize that LOOKS aren’t what make you happy or make a relationship. It’s all about DOING NICE THINGS for each other. Not what the person’s body looks like. She’s happy and he’s happy. Any other questions? Shallow people are people who end up unhappy and alone. Think about THAT. And GO PHILLIES! Cliff, we absolutely love you, and your BEAUTIFUL wife, too and kids!

  4. Derek

    She’s not fat… See her in this interview~

    While the pictures above may not have been the most flattering, in the video interview she seems to be a very sweet, very attractive person. And, even if she was heavier, as long as Cliff is happy that’s all that should matter.

  5. Doug Hole

    Hey harriet tubman you sound like a fat 16 year old bitching about fine tail. After posting that comment did you chow down some pork rinds or did u cry while downing a bottle of sleeping pills?

  6. baseballfan

    Is it really true love when a lot of professional athletes are married to skanky former models? Maybe this is a classic case of TRUE LOVE…I guess not many people can say that.


    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” and since Cliff is the one to “BE HOLDING HER”, LOL, what does it matter to you??
    i think he is HOT, HOT, HOT and so cute i want to cuddle with him, his Big “BAT & Balls!!!
    sadly, his cute wife gets to do that!
    i am so happy his son is in remission of infant leukemia (i help raise money for that cause, so glad to know it is helping a deserving dad)!!
    i hope if he gets tired of rainy seattle (ouor last 4 days had more rain than seattle last month) that we do get him in tTmpa Bay as the Rays are going for the world series this year!!

  8. MLBfan

    I would like to point out that Cliff Lee and his wife Kristen have been together since they were in 7th grade. Yes 7th grade. So all the people saying he can do better and all this stuff, at least he’s with someone he loves and someone who truly loves him and he doesnt need to ‘do much better’. Im sure she also didnt have weight loss on her mind when she has a son born with leukemia a daughter born three months premature.

  9. Yanksfan

    Some people are sooooo shallow. Don’t you people have anything better to do than make disparaging (you morons probably don’t even know that word) remarks about others? BTW, I don’t know what you idiots are looking at either because she is beautiful!! Furthermore, I would venture to guess that she is waaaaaay hotter than your skank!! So grow up, get a life, and keep your idiotic comments to yourself!!

  10. laurie

    She is beautiful. She seems equally beautiful on the inside! I think people are just jealous! Hey I am even a little a little jealous, I wouldn’t mind calling Cliff Lee my husband! I think they make a great couple and family. I hope they stay in Texas!

  11. dawn

    Wow I don’t see anything wrong with her, shes pretty, friendly, and nice. Whats up with all the comments. Shes prettier then he is cute. You guys need to find something else to do then sit on the computer making nasty comments.

  12. joey walsh

    I am a Yankee fan and I would like to say to those Yankee fans that did that to Cliff Lee’s wife thanks a lot asshole for ruining are chances in getting Cliff Lee. If Cliff Lee goes to Boston I would not blame him for that.

    That was just stupid rude unclassy acting in such a loser way true New Yorkers have to learn to control them selves.

  13. turtle

    i think she is really pretty first off second she is a nice sweet girl. and third cliff lee and krtisten have been together since 7th grade thats over 20 years. and like i said she is beautiful

  14. Never

    No…would Boston fans do something like that? They’re such little angels all of the time. (SARCASM)

    Please…New York, Boston, Chicago fans are all the same.

    So don’t give me that crap Red Sox fan…you’re all alike.

  15. Calvin Thompson

    Kristen Lee appears to be a very kind, and supportive wife of Cliff. There son a miracle story. Cliff please stay away from the WOTHLESS NY YANKEES, the only way they are able to win is because they buy the best on the market. Come to the MN Twins nicer stadium, better fans that won’t spit on you (Animals).

  16. Robert

    Cliff is the best pitcher ever. His wife is beutifuull. I wish he would come back to cleveland. Everyone thier misses him. GO CLIFF

  17. Richard

    Harley I bet you’ve never had a woman close to that fine if in fact you like women at all. If you LOOK at all the pictures you can tell she is not fat besides who cares they have been together since the 7th grade. You probably dropped out before the 7th grade and you are probably a Yankee fan to boot. Only someone from Yankee land would be so judgemental when they should be looking in the mirror.

  18. Richard

    Harley I bet you’ve never had a woman close to that fine if in fact you like women at all. If you LOOK at all the pictures you can tell she is not fat besides who cares they have been together since the 7th grade. You probably dropped out before the 7th grade and you are probably a Yankee fan to boot. Only someone from Yankees land would be so judgemental when they should be looking in the mirror.

  19. Sparky

    Time for a reality check people: She IS heavy and she is NOT very pretty. That said, who Cliffy is married to is his business. All that matters is that he’s happy. Different strokes for different folks.

  20. Leah

    In life there will always be people who say mean and hurtfull things to you get over it.Stand up for yourself or walk away Im sure they would have found her another place to sit. I would also like to know how they knew who she was and this is the only thing I have heard her talk about since it happened. Why not say what your husband said “there are drunk and rude people everywhere you go” he has a great opportunity in New York how about standing behind him.He is my favorite Yankee and I cant wait to see him in pin stripes. Cliff you are a HOTTIE!!

  21. Konkeigh

    Maybe next time you call someone FAT you should look at them now! She is actually very skinny! If you actually knew her maybe you wouldnt judge her! She has been trough a lot! ??? FAT!!! Ha your funny!!!!!

  22. Konkeigh

    Oh yeah and for a girl that is “fat” have you seen clifff and kristen’s kids? BEAUTIFUL AND SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Todd Stein

    I don’t understand all of the venom surrounding her. I just left Cliff Lee’s Wikipedia page after editing out a inflammatory comment about her.

    Grow up people!! (You know who you are)

  24. Risteve

    She’s very pretty, and incredibly strong! Dealing with cancer is so hard, only thing I can imagine worse would be watching your child go through it.

    As for rude people… Is it really necessary to be ugly to or about others… Who does it benefit? Wouldn’t this be related to the bully issue? What kind of person gets satisfaction from hurting others?

    And, I’m not fat, skank or ugly!

  25. mr.calderon

    A lot of those comments are lame. She ain’t even dat big, bet a lot of those comments are coming from lil lame ass white boyz! Anyways Cliff please come to the windy city home of the cubs oh and that other team DONT GO TO THE YANKZ they got garbage fans.
    If u don’t want to go to da chi stay in texas! Great fit for u

  26. SteveCee

    After reading some of the comments about Kristen Lee, I believe some of you need to grow up, like Harley. My guess is that the people who make comments like that are just jealous. Kristen is a very pretty woman, and I’m sure her husband thinks so as well. Hey Sparky, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you have any mirrors in your house? If so, take a look at one.

  27. Wesley

    Wow what is wrong with all the people saying she is fat and he can do better?! I think she’s beautiful ! And you know what, if you don’t, then it’s just not your type of girl! Fricking A holes.

  28. chris

    I’m SURE all of the men leaving comments that Kristen Lee is “fat” are ripped, with six pack abs and no fat on their bodies… because you know that’s how it works… I’m SURE none of them are balding with beer guts (sarcasm). Kristen you are beautiful the way you are. Welcome back to Philadelphia!!!

  29. PaulO

    Tahnk goodness for Kristen Lee, she is not only beautiful but very smart for choosing Philly and the Phillies. We love her already.See you at the World Series kristen.

  30. debbie guenther

    people are so cruel and ignorant, look at yourself before you cast words at other people, we only have one to judge us, the Almighty one no one on earth

  31. Benny

    He’s an ass for not standing up to her and taking the Yankee offer. Little does she know how violently obnoxious Philly fans are if Cliff hits a slump (which is inevitable in 7 years). Last year they raped a woman in the tailgate party at an eagle game, have holding cells at the stadium, and threw iceballs at santa claus.

    She could have been a real celebrity in New York, dining with movie stars the way Jeter and A-Rod do. But why would a “mom” from Arkansas do that? Maybe she’s not at fault, maybe he’s afraid to work in a city with 4 sportscasts and 6 newspapers. That’s REAL pressure.

  32. LimpetShark

    Everyone has there own opinion on her looks but it only matters to what Cliff Lee thinks of her. As for the age that the met or how long they been together does not mean anything, nor how she looks mean anything to me. He made his choice and some are mad about it, some are happy. That is just life and his choice. I am not sure if she thought about how Phily fans are. They are no better than the rest. That is a rough town she is going into but hey, she convinced him to go there and that is her bed to lay in. It is just going to be funny to see her in the stands wondering where that spit and beer came from. lol


  33. lovie

    Atleast she isn’t a golddigger,cleatchaser, and no rumors about her dating other athletes are swirling around. I think he has done a better job than most of the other athletes. She isn’t a 10 in the public’s eye, but she is a 10 to him.

  34. Lindsey

    My wife and I were fortunate in that we met and spent some time with Cliff and Kristin last week. Kristin is beautiful, smart, sweet, thoughtful, caring, personable, and entertaining. She is just a wonderful, down to earth young lady that everyone would just love if they knew her. Cliff is a real gentleman. They are a great couple. Kristin is NOT fat and is a 10 to everyone that knows her.

  35. bd

    I agree with Lindsey. Kristin is beautiful, smart, sweet(and that’s being conservative), thoughtful, caring, personable, and entertaining. I’ve been fortunate enough to fly Cliff and Kristen to Philadelphia and Cleveland. I’ve had the chance to spend some time with them on a few occasions. They are friendly, classy, and very grateful human beings. Cliff has worked very hard for his achievements and Kristen has been by his side through it all. They have always treated me like an old friend when I do see them. A lot of athletes should take note of Cliff’s humbleness. He has worked hard, but realizes he’s very lucky to be in the position he is in. His wife is a major part of his success. Great people.

  36. JohnMatrix

    Im the most shallow guy out there and i think shes hot. good for cliff. by the way cliff lee has 2 homers this year! 2!

  37. Butch

    Cliff Lee is a man of character – you can tell that from his marriage, and from his decision to go where he and his wife felt best – not just for the most money, as so many other athletes do.

    It is so clear that Cliff Lee’s wife is a classy woman; the Lee marriage is a model for not just athletes and their spouses, but for all of us.

    The Phillies are among the elite in baseball – they sell out every home game. They have become a big-time class organization – a natural fit for a classy couple. The Yankees threw a ton of money at Lee’s feet. That is, after all, the “Yankee way”: to outspend everyone else in buying other teams’ stars, so they can crow about how great they are.

    Boorish commentors like “Benny” and his ilk can’t stand the fact that Lee had the character and conviction to tell the Yankees to take a walk with their money. “Benny” should look in the mirror and observe that if you take the “cl” (for Cliff Lee) out of “class”, you’re left with what you see.

  38. shannon

    i’m glad he is with a normal looking women.instead of some slut who has slutty pictures all over the internet.makes me like cliff even more

  39. Lisa burnett

    Hey everybody stop talking bad about kristen lee.. Sh ies so so beauiful and very sweet… I know cliff lee,s family in benton.. I live in little rock ,arkansas..Right beside.. I know hes whole family. No joke.. So all yal stupid ass people out there stop talking about about her.. Its not right at all..

  40. The Thinker

    Kristen Lee is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met – She is physically beautiful, but her beauty goes far beyond mere physical beauty. Kristen has a beautiful soul, she is a beautiful mother, she is a beautiful wife, she is a beautiful friend, and is someone who has experienced some of the most difficult challenges life offers. She glows like an angel. An Angel that God smiles upon.

  41. jnb

    Just met her in person. She is so down to earth and classy.
    Not only nice, but beautiful,sooo skinny and looks 17yrs. old.

  42. no one

    She’s definitely not the hottest but she looks like a nice person. As long as she is a good person that’s all that matters.

  43. Jakeismyname

    I don’t think she look ugly at all. It is common that women turn overweight after having children and she is no exception. In her case her child was diagnosed with cancer (and survived) so it would be rather unnatural if didn’t gained some weight. If you look at more recent pictures I would consider her to be an attractive soccer mom. What is rather impressive is that they have been together since they were children.

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