Justin Morneau’s wife Krista Martin


  1. sallygee

    I hear he met her with a girlfriend in tow, living in his house while he lived in Joe’s. Great way to start a solid relationship!

  2. jenna

    well, you heard wrong. Joe has said himself that there wasn’t to be any live-in girlfriends if Justin lived with him. whether or not he was with a girlfriend, that probably wasn’t the first time it’s ever happened.

  3. timothy

    Those aren’t very good pictures of her I’ve seen her at a few public appearances and she is very good looking.

  4. Ash

    everything happens for a reason. why cant people just be happy when 2 ppl meet and fall in love? no matter the situation.. and to add to that, neither of them were MARRIED, so why such a big deal? I give 2 huge thumbs up to the both of them :)

  5. Keith

    I hope Justin is being careful recovering from his concussion. I know how long it took to recover from mine. Repeated concussions can have long-term effects. We want him to play for many years. Take the time to let this heal. Keith

  6. Dude

    “She was engaged when they met. She was a bartender at the Moose Club in South Saint Paul.”

    Its called “Mouse Country” and its in Mendota, Minnesota, you jackass.

  7. kim anderson

    I think it is great that Justin and Krista are together they are great together you can tell they are happy so leave it at that. Congradulations on your baby girl Justin and Krista.

  8. baseballs

    hey the guy signed a contract for millions of dollars, she’s no dummy. Any chick from Winthrop, MN could figure out if I hang with this canuck I can swing a pretty sweet deal for myself, crank out a couple kids and sit in my swimming pool all summer. It’s a good gig. Of course there is the other side, they fell in love and he stopped shopping around and made a commitment to each other forever. I’d like to think this is one of those happy endings. Now get base to playing baseball so we can win another World Series championship.

  9. Samantha

    She seems like a small town Gold Digger to me… Too bad we all cant be that fortunate to marry for money….

  10. wouldnt you like to know

    Justin’s girlfriend prior to krista was a girl named Rhonda who was justin’s hometown in canada. she was a couple years older. they were together for about 6 years, even lived together

  11. ali schak

    ya everyone hould leave comment to self let people do what they want it is a free country my gosh i think they are a awesome couple and i even herd that krista justins wife had a baby yesterday!!!!! 7/22/12

  12. gina

    Hate all the negitive feedback. Look at Joe Mauer. From Minnesota, engaged and soon to also marry from our wonderful hometown state “of” Minnesota.
    THUMBS UP gals!!

  13. SS

    Some say she is a gold digger. He asked her out & she wasn’t all that intrested at first. She is from my home town.

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