Joe Mauer’s wife Madeline Bisanz


  1. shelly

    Very unattractive. No personality could possibly make up for that big honker of a nose. More proof that Mauer is a head case. Man, he has gone downhill the past couple years in more ways than one.

  2. Gusher

    Leave the girl alone and quit being such @$$holes. In an era of ball players who juiced, brought scandles to thier teams and families, and made playing all about the money, Joe is a straight up ball player who’s kept in touch with his community and fans all over the country. So he was hurt last year, it happens, if you are ticked off about it write him a letter or keep it to yourself.But taking cheap shots at his fiancee is cruel and shallow. Best of luck to you Madeline and congrats to the two of you on your engagement.

  3. ali schak

    yaaaa and everyone who is making the bad comment i would stop the crfap now everyone has a loved one in life and that is mauers loved one so i would stop the bad comments now

  4. Patty M

    You know is shows how many people appear superficial by judging someone they don’t even know. Maddie is a beautiful person inside and out. Joe loves her and sometimes I think some women are just jealous and you speak negatively about Joe and Maddie. Joe is a wonderful, giving professional ball player. He does so much for the St.Paul and Minneapolis young kids. Volunteers his time and pays for ballparks so these little ones can play baseball. So don’t you negative people judge a book by it’s cover. I think the two of them are a beautiful couple.

  5. Liv

    I was one of the women who shed that collective tear; I do love me some Mauer, after all. But best of luck to these two crazy kids. She seems intelligent and down-to-earth…just the type of girl Mauer needs.

  6. Regina Steiner

    Some hint of jealousy, coming from other women, in some of these comments. Stating Joe’s wife is ugly and other rather mean thing’s. You all Must think you’re quite striking in the look department yourselves.. NOT! I bet. I bet you all look worse, and personality’s don’t help.

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