Joe Mauer’s ex girlfriend Chelsea Cooley


  1. Stapleford

    Why would you suggest this boat has sailed? Joe broke it off, id say he is the one who made the right choice. Good for you Joe, keep your options open,, plenty of fish in the ocean not to mention another 49 states, LOL. Mauer has too much debth to pull the trigger on a image consultant a credit to the male gender

  2. ali schak

    i beat all of u guys i went to the twins fest and got my picture tooken with im and u know what he is mine i have already haad dinner with him at his cabin and everything every day i say i am going to marry him then when i found out he was engagged i started to cry almost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so how do u ike them apples
    joeeee mauuuuer ily soooo mush and yes even thought he is not dating my i think u are way cuter than his fianca

  3. Gail klug

    I think that joe mauer will happy with the twins and I will going to lot of Minnesota twins game
    One of many fans thank you for playing with the Minnesota twins

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