Trevor Hoffman’s wife Tracy Hoffman


  1. Johnny Pizzi

    Hey Tracy,
    It’s Johnny pizzi from Boston… I hope you all are well back in God’s Country
    I was just trying to find out what Trev is doing these days. I was wondering if he was working in the Padres Org. I know Glenn is coaching I was gonna invite a
    Glenn and Trev to dinner at my friends fantastic Italian rest. We have a private room that sits 20-25 people in case they want to invite a few others along.
    My number is 781 420 1036 I still have Trev’s phone number 619-778-9907
    Anyway I’ll send off a letter to Glenn as well..
    God Bless lott’s of good health and happiness your way
    Johnny Pizzi

  2. Michael Jason Thompson

    Tracy I dont know your husband but I hear he should be watching is 6.Thanks but know thanks on the dinner. Dont care for italian food. Actually I ran into him a couple of weeks ago and I thought he would be taller.

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