Josh Beckett’s wife Holly Fisher


  1. Maureen

    Gift certificates are fine! My fiance and I registered at though and he has that iphone barcode scanner thing a majig aaaand he freakin scanned a crate of beer onto the registry. A CRATE OF BEER! and an ipad. I am at loss. I just want gift cards. Why are men so complicated?

  2. Kallie

    This is quite interesting since both the “wedding” & “registry” were taken down by & for being FAKE!

  3. beckfan

    Just because Beckett and Wife are well-off doesn’t mean their family and friends are. Think its cool they registered for gift cards at “regular” stores and I agree gift cards allow them to get what they want.

  4. texas tough guy

    Josh Beckett is stealing from the red Sox.he has no work ethic,lazy, entitled, out of shpe , overpaid piece of shit. I would love to fight that turd in the octagon and bloody up his fat ass.drink on that, fatboy

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