The Brian and Ashley McCann Wedding Gift Experiment


  1. mscomplexity

    Just goes to show this website was created by an obsessive compulsive. Why buy a wedding gift for someone who has no clue as to who you are (and doesn’t care, either??)

    Weirdo. Go back to your day job.

  2. thinds

    Obsessive? Yes
    Compulsive? Probably
    Weirdo? Definitely

    Obsessive compulsive? Not really sure how that applies here,… but I personally think you’re spot on with this comment.

    I guess I never thought it through that Brian McCann doesn’t know who I am. Thank you for that pearl. I’m going back to my day job now. Again, spot on with that suggestion, too Mr. or Ms. mscomplexity. Thank you for helping me to see what I’ve been missing all along.

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