Victor Martinez’s wife Margret Martinez


  1. erin

    its nice to see atleast one of these players with a actual real girl and not some fake boob fake everything chick!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I know Victor and Margret, and he is a 100% family guy. He is humble, kind and loyal, and adores her and the kids. Not the typical athlete and his ego.

  3. Dawn

    Vmart is a class act all the way and us in detroit are very thankful for him. Hes a leader, a role model, and a family guy. How anyone could have traded him is beyond me but I hope he never leaves.

  4. ted

    was a big fan of the big guy when he was w the Indians. Still am a big fan. what a nice guy, what a great player!!! to bad he wont make the news. let us learn about tiger woods please…

  5. Cheryl

    Thank you Margaret for letting us have Victor. I think he’s great in many ways.
    He isn’t showy but he doesn’t need to be—-he’s good and he doesn’t have to show off. We’re glad to have you and Victor in Detroit. Cheryl

  6. wanda

    Margret, You have a great guy who loves you and his children.Very unusual in this day and age in baseball.You must be a wonderful wife and mother . Congratulations. Victor is one of the best in majors.
    We are proud and happy to have you in The D.

  7. patti

    I have followed VM since he was with Cleveland. What a wonderful player, person. God bless he and his family. May he have many successful years in ball and many wonderful blessings with his great family.

  8. Melinda

    You are great people! Victor is my greatest player for the Tigers! He is a wonderful Man with a great family! God Bless you and your family!

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