08/15/13 (Updated)

Prince Fielder's wife Chanel Fielder

UPDATE: Anyone else perplexed by Prince Fielder's relatively poor season at the plate? I'll bet Prince Fielder's wife Chanel Fielder can explain.

On May 28, 2013, Prince Fielder filed a dissolution-of-marriage case against wife Chanel Fielder. The proceedings have not yet played out and divorce is not finalized, but clearly on the way. We'll keep an eye on this one (as will many single women in Detroit)

UPDATE: 07/2009: For those paying attention to the 2011 Home Run Derby, you were sure to have seen Prince Fielder's wife Chanel Fielder on the field with him during his post game trophy ceremony and press conferences. Prince Fielder's son, we're actually not sure which one, was with him last night as well sporting one hell of a mohawk(and almost taking the entire spotlight away from his father). Check out the photo to the right.

Prince Fielder is a big man who appears to have a big appetite. As un-newsworthy as that sentence is to begin a paragraph, it is germane to the conversation about Prince Fielder's wife, Chanel Fielder.

The boy who starred in a commercial for McDonald's triple cheeseburger with his father has now become a vegetarian thanks to his wife. During the 07-08 offseason, Prince Fielder's wife gave him a copy of the book "Skinny Bitch," by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. The book describes in detail the gnarly truths of a slaughterhouse. Prince immediately turned away from meat and began a vegetarian lifestyle at the prodding of his wife.

Many Brewers fans immediately ran out to find their nearest panic button, as traditional schools of nutrition and training have all signs pointing to a meat heavy diet in order to maintain the mammoth power Prince has demonstrated throughout his career. Have no fear, as according to Prince, "My wife said that if I lose some power, she's cooking me a big steak."

Prince's power dropped slightly, from 07 to 08, going from 50 to 34 home runs. He saw a nice rebound in HR totals in 2009 again climbing to 46 HR's, and a memorable HR Derby championship at the All Star game festivities.

Looks like that steak isn't coming anytime soon, huh?

Prince Fielder and his wife Chanel have two sons together, Jaden and Haven.

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27 Responses to “Prince Fielder's wife Chanel Fielder”

  1. Chad

    Not her.

    His kids have the same skin color as him, so his wife could not be white.

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    He was shown kissing her after the HR derby, so your argument is invalid.

  3. Liz

    That is not Chanel, she is white. They are from the town in Florida and met in middle school

  4. Helen

    Not Chanel. This is a waitress and a picture from a newspaper article on Prince when he stopped eating meat.

  5. Kris

    I worked for the brewers for three years this is wife discussion over but yes his wife is white.

  6. Margie

    I've met her this is his wife and she is a very nice person.

  7. Kenji

    She's actually Half White and Half Cuban.

  8. Rick

    Whoops, from UPI.

  9. Ivan

    Since when Cuban is a race?

  10. Anonymous


    Not her.

    His kids have the same skin color as him, so his wife could not be white

    Chad you are a moron....Black skin color is dominant so wen a white women and a black dude have a kid 9 times out of 10 the baby is either gunna b a light skinned or straight up black...u KKK reject go kill ur self fucking retard

  11. Lorenzo2556

    who cares what race his wife is he's a great baseball player whos achieved many acalades and has alot to be proud of jeez why does race always play a part in your comments? smh

  12. rc from tn.

    i think she looks pretty good black or white

  13. Anonymous

    who give a flying @#$%

  14. daddio50

    who really cares? did you see how she looks? HELLO!!!!!! she is 1 hot babe he is a lucky son of a bit@@. everyone else here complaining is just jealous

  15. rosa


  16. 411

    she's NOT hispanic at all, never has been never will be. she's fully white. and yes that IS his wife. they met in jr. high school.

  17. Thaddeus

    I just googled it with images and that is definitely not his wife unless she loss a whole bunch of weight and bleached her skin and hair.

  18. Tigerfan67

    I don't care what she is(Cubian,Black,White) sell me a season ticket near her for the season. WE WOULD BE GOOOOOOD FRIENDS!!!!! GO TIGERS!!

  19. Sally

    That is his wife and she is white, they did meet in Jr. High School and have 2 beautiful children. Chanel's family is from a small town in Florida. How do I know? Her mother is a friend of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Daniel

    who cares, she is ugly and fat...let him keep her homi-hopping ass.

  21. baah

    Who cares what color his wife is? Does it really matter to you?

  22. Wil

    Beautiful wife, beautiful family, one love, one people, under GOD!!

  23. r.pullen

    I have heard enough. If you want the truth contact me. Why talk now. Did you hear about the woman who died at their house. Of course not. She is not cuban, they did not meet in high school And if he is a veg head ,it did not happen like the story goes.

  24. r.pullen

    wil,you want to say beautiful family What kind of person drops off their children for months with a 70 year old that is already watching their brother. You peaple are crazy. You dont know her, all of these coments are wrong.

  25. Dang.....

    Prince wife must come from the Detroit GHETTO

  26. Sherryl McCray

    Prince, Chanel, and their two sons are a beautiful and blessed family. It does not matter what color or race his wife is; as long as they are happy is all that matters. Why does the subject of race take presedence?

  27. Chanel's a whore