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Phil Coke's wife Bobbie Coke

Middle relievers aren't a typical post for us here at PlayerWives.com. However, in the case of Phil Coke, that middle reliever tag seems obsolete at this point. With the strike throwing machine picking up 2 saves so far in the ALCS, we figured it was time to find out more about Phil Coke's wife Bobbie Coke.

Phil admittedly hit a rough patch earlier in the 2012 regular season. It was a rough stretch that he attributes to life at home immediately following the birth of his daughter in late July. Coke made comments following game 2 of the ALCS discussing his struggles and his return to being a strong arm out of the Tigers pen.

"My daughter was born, and then we went on a 10-game trip. I got to take my wife and my child home, and I had to pack and leave. That was terrible. That was a bad feeling. I had to get through that. That was part of my personal struggle through the remainder of the season from July 21. So I was good up to that point and hit a bump in the road. I figured it out. I kept pressing. I wasn't going to give in. I wasn't going to give up." - Detroit Free Press, October 15, 2012

Phil and Bobbie were married November 22, 2011 and their first child was the one born this past July. Bobbie Coke (formerly Bobbie Brough) is a frequent participant in various Detroit Tigers wives charity events. The family lives in Sonora, CA in the offseason where Bobbie has previously worked as a massage therapist.

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9 Responses to “Phil Coke's wife Bobbie Coke”

  1. Pat Gourley


    Say hi to Phil for me. It has been great to see the fulfillment of his dreams he told me about in my art class at Sonora High. I still see and remember the day he told about his dream of playing for Yankees. Little did he know that he would do that, and get a save against them in the AL playoffs. Tell him we're proud of him, and can't wait to see the WS.

    Pat Gourley

  2. Barb Straub

    Omg that story made me want to cry....tell Phil me and my husband said good job! Phil is a great guy!

  3. amy prior

    i also like having a massage especially on my back

  4. amy prior

    can i have my back massaged

  5. amy prior

    i am now back at milton keynes

  6. Judy Clardy

    Well Mrs. Coke it is very nice to hear your story. I have been a great fan of Phil's ever since Soulsbyville. He was always very coachable in grade school and loved my cinnamon rolls. I am very proud of him. I would love to watch him play in person some day but I am now living in Idaho. I've enjoyed watching him on TV through the years from Yankees an now Detroit. Give him my best and have him say hi to his brothers.

    Judy Clardy - Alvarez

  7. killer

    Your boyfriend is a fucking loser

  8. Jeff Deneweth

    Good Afternoon
    We met on the lower level club house I work at comerica park please tell phil I said hi my name is Jeff when he has time to contact me he should have my number
    like to tell him thanks

  9. Anonymous

    I think his wife is why I went by Robert in 1st grade.