Miguel Cabrera’s wife Rosangel Cabrera


  1. marie

    You are a very lucky woman! I know marriage can be tough especially when he has to go away for games but that is part of the game! we love to watch him play baseball and we watch everynight they are on, I was born and raised in the detroit area and the tigers are a household name, I live in northwest Michigan now and am disabled but I have a front row seat every night on the TV! I want so badly to go to a home game and my dream seat would be behind the batters box just one time in my life, someday I will god willing. I don’t care what I’m doing whenever I hear migel’s name to bat all eyes are on him! congrats to your new family member, what a beautiful name! and congrats on a wonderful ball player, Your a very lucky lady! Marie Honsinger

  2. Tiffany Alexander

    Yes, you are a very lucky woman. Miguel Cabrera is an awesome baseball player. He is my all time favorite. I’m 17 years old and I live in warren Michigan. Miguel is my idol. I want to be just like him. I really want to meet him but he’s so famous it’s kind of hard to. My mother won’t tell me anything about my father and I’ve never seen him before in my life. So I named Miguel my father figure. So that means your my mother figure. My mom is bad anyway. So I would love to meet both of you guys. I really look up to Miguel..

  3. Pat

    I really enjoyed seeing your husband today at the signing, he is an amazing ball player, I am blessed to be a Tiger fan and get to watch him every time they play, I hope he stays with the organization until he retires. God Bless your family, and Goooo Tiger’s!!!!

  4. Maria Jimenez

    Excuse me but I’m going to defend Rosangel 100%. Both of my parents were born and raised im Venezuela and moves to the United States in there late 20’s. My dad actually went to college in Venezuela with one of Miguel’s good friend Rafeal. They both were still friends and actually hung out a numerous of times. So coming from that my mom and Rosangel became very close friends. My parents and the Cabrera’s actually had dinner together and said nothing but nice things about them. I actually got to meet Rosangel and went to her house with my mother. She is extremely down to Earth, truly genuine woman. For anyone that says she’s a “bitch” really doesn’t know her like my mother. Remember that first impressions aren’t always correcr. I really am glad I met her.

  5. maria

    My late father told me that ” when two married people live in the same house at one time or another there will be differences” Miguel and rosangel are no different just that they are sports celebrities and you hear more about it. Best of luck to you both, From a Detroit Tiger fan.


    meggy can turn things around i remember in 2006 seeing his little girl in his arms .meggy can get off the alcohol it will leave u broke unhappy with no one around u please u are a good man u have a good family .this support u must payout will be only a few years don’t let this do u in.i stuck with my wife she was bad on meds anywhere she could get them from doctor and buying them from her family.i worked at ford motor co verily getting by.after the pills .we had very little money.i got up one sunday morning at 3 am to go to work she was high on pills i said under my breath god what have i done to live with this.i came hame at 3.30 pm found mt wife dead i prayed could i have did anything to help her .she went in rehabs it did not work.i never yealed at her never raised my hand to her.ten years after my wife died i lost my son .he was a member of the 92 nd airborne ,now i am retired from ford in 2007 then in 2011 i went to work for fedex driving big rigs.from toledo ohio to denver co is stoped driving in 2016 came down with cancer i think i have it beae.i am now 70 .please take one day at a time u sound like u have a good wife don’t throw it away u are a good man .buddys come and go a family will allways be there.u have a good life.good luck to you and your family .

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