Justin Verlander’s girlfriend Emily Yuen


  1. Crazyhotelworker

    Emily is as sweet and friendly as she is beautiful. She was very helpful to Fu-Te Ni’s wife or girlfriend when she visited the road hotel and is always helping the wives with children. Just a great person. And Justin is a class act also.

  2. Maria

    Aww they seem like such a sweet couple. It’s refreshing to hear that they’ve been together since high school. So rare, hope this couple lasts.

  3. Anonymous

    I have known them both since highschool….. They are still together after all these years and all the “pulicity”. Heres to many more guys!!! :)

  4. Anonymous

    This dude is a scumbag and no different than any other overpaid athlete.. He wrecked my relationship and fucked my girlfriend. I got the texts messages and his phone number to prove it.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m guessing Emily is not thrilled that Justin has been hanging out with Kate Upton on several nights recently… kinda sad.

  6. Anonymous

    hey anonnymous 4/1/12,
    Your anger should be directed at your girlfriend….she could have turned Verlander down if she wanted to, but obviously she didn’t value your relationship enough. It takes two to tango as they say.

  7. ron bobel

    she aint his girlfriend no more. left her for a p*rno queen. good luck justin. now your mind not on pitching and it shows. top players making millions now being used by hotties.

  8. Becky

    Hold your head high, remember the good times and move on. The overpaid players are just that, players, you are lucky you weren’t married with children like so many are.

  9. Anonymous

    Hey Emily,
    If you still love JV hang on t him, if you don’t then let him go, and remain good freind. You can still love him as a freind.

  10. mereally55yrsold

    Yeah, a “friend.” Stuck in the FriendZone for over 10 yrs since high school. No wedding proposal. Girl shoulda known but may have been led on. Dumped for uber Barbie. Yeah I can still be “friends” after that.

  11. kathy

    JV left a hot woman for a skanky lil girl. Haaaa titty queen. Thats all she’s got going for her. Kate upton needs to try and keep her clothes on and have some class.

  12. Stace

    Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are completely insane. Upton is so very uneducated. If you ever watch interviews of her she is so immature, all she does is giggle and say “My family is such huge sports fans”. She will be done in a year, take verlander for everything she can, hopefully not a baby, then she will be on to the next rich athlete. As for Verlander, he will end up with a broken heart, a taste of his own medicine for what he did to Emily.

  13. dan

    Justin can do whatever the hell he wants as long as he keeps raking in 17+ win seasons. Emily, Kate, who cares. it’s his life, and all of you need to butt the hell out and fix your own shit.

  14. Sarah

    As of December 2013 Kate Upton and Justin are back together. She was with him and his family in Philadelphia when he had core muscle surgery in early 2014. Justin then was spotted at Tampa’s Gasparilla Festival with Kate where they were pictured by many fans. The two seemed to “go public” with their relationship at the 2014 Superbowl in NYC which both of their families attended with them.

    Kate has since been keeping it low key with Justin in Lakeland where she’s been spotted with him around town during spring training, including at a couple Orlando Magic games. Justin when asked about Kate said he’s in “a great spot”.

  15. lynn

    I feel bad for her, but there is always two sides to the story. It just wasn’t meant to be Emily and Justin, and he will, maybe get tired of Kate, but I dont think he will break her heart, because she will probably break his! She’s only 20! She’s still a baby. And, with her body, which makes her money, she better keep it up, because she looks like she has the type of body that can get fat very easily! Maybe a summer fling for the both if them!

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