Jose Valverde’s wife Luisa Valverde


  1. Lance Kimp

    Detroit fan here. Jose has been seen in Detroit with a Hispanic female at a charity event this summer. Apparently he is divorced but no one knows why. ??? Look for pics from the charity event, that may be the new gf.

  2. Girly girl

    I know for sure he has an infant son. I saw him with the baby and the trashy girlfriend that he pulled straight out of the ghetto in Royal Oak.

  3. Bball fan

    The guy is a ball player what do you expect . Saw him w infant son this summer. But the woman was not the ex wife luisa . Papa grande and the ex wife have a daughter only . What a soap Opera !!!!

  4. nw

    Bball fan, why is that a soap opera? Plenty of people are divorced and have kids with their new partner. I don’t see what the big deal is. He’s divorced – – – why shouldn’t he have a new girlfriend? Seems pretty tame to me. And Lance, why they divorced is between him and his ex.

  5. Bosslady

    He is the best! I love him. And, people please dont judge him. He is human people marry and divorce every day so, whats the BIG DEAL!

  6. anthony

    Valverde is a character..I gotta love my friend…single divorced or whatever…i know him personally and came on this website as a joke to see if he really was listed as “officially” divorced as he had told me..acctually he was with me when I checked this website and laughed at all the posts. cool guy. By the way he did mention that people getting divorced and remarried is a very big deal unlike what is posted. Thanks

  7. makira h

    I admire jose valverde talent. He is creative and brought a positive energy to the detroit tigers!!! I hope he stays in detroit!! I love the brotherhood their share with one another!!! Viva el rey! Que me encante jose valverde!

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