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Joel Hanrahan's wife Kim Hanrahan



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After the disaster that was 2012, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of new faces in the Red Sox clubhouse. One of the higher priorities for the new was obtaining a new closer, which they did by way of Pittsburgh with Joel Hanrahan. After a rough spring, it seems like Hanrahan might still be adjusting to his new environment. Joel Hanrahan and his wife Kim Hanrahan also are doing some adjusting at home having just had their first child.

Joel and Kim were only recently became husband and wife, with their wedding a little over a year ago in January 2012. They welcomed son Ryan on March 11, 2013. Boston was an ideal new destination for the Hanrahan’s, as Kim still has family in the area. Prior to motherhood, Kim (nee Donovan) was known for her charitable work with Joel’s prior teams, specifically the Shadyside Family House and a domestic violence shelter in the Pittsburgh area.

Joel Hanrahan was actually first brought up as a starter for the Washington Nationals. Somewhat out of necessity, he was moved to the closer role where he flourished. He was traded the Pirates in 2011 and is coming to Boston having made the last two NL All Star rosters.

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  1. jaimee

    Hi Kim,
    Was at the Padre game the other night & ran into your dad & his buddy up in "The Altitude Sky Bar", ovrlooking the Padres Stadium, had quiet the chat with them~ Nice guys, your dad loves you & will always protect you~ Had lotsa nice things to say about your "hubby" Was just trying to look up pics of you & the baby! God Bless you & all the best to you & yours
    ~Tell your dad & his friend "hello" from Cali :)

  2. Wendy kriegshauser

    Met you today on the plane. I really enjoyed speaking with you and wished I would have gotten your contact info for when you are in town or I am in town. Hope to contact you soon.

    Wendy kriegshauser

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