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Jim Leyland's wife Katie Leyland

I'll start this by saying I'm a huge Jim Leyland fan. I wish there were more managers and coaches like him; total no nonsense take no crap style. His style has worked with three out of the four teams he has coached (I totally forgot he was manager of Colorado, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who forgot that).

Even considering all my respect for Leyland for his baseball resume, I was even more impressed when I realized Jim Leyland's wife Katie Leyland is a much, much younger woman, and that the couple has extremely young kids for a man his age, Patrick and Kellie. Katie met Jim when she took a job with the Pittsburgh Pirates right before finishing college. Jim, coming off a divorce, knew right away that he wanted to pursue Katie. Of course Katie says she played it off that she didn't want to date him, but when a major league manager comes knocking on your door, you can't turn that down.

After a year of dating, Jim and Katie married. Katie was 26 when she married Jim, who was 42. After an unfortunate miscarriage Patrick and Kellie were born. The family for the most part was raised in Pittsburgh even though Jim was managing in different cities. Now that Patrick and Kellie are older (Kellie in college, and Patrick having previously worked with the Tigers) the family situation is a little easier on Jim and Katie. With Detroit making a run it wouldn't shock us if he wins the World Series he calls it quits. I mean he is after all 67 years old and at that age going out on top has to be something he is thinking about.

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8 Responses to “Jim Leyland's wife Katie Leyland”

  1. Laureen Schuler

    Katie-My husband and I are "old school ", and appreciate how you and Jim put family first. The in which Jim conducts his business with the Tiger a d his Family is exemplary. Jim is very fortunate and blessed to have a wife who could allow him to follow his passion while the home family going. May the Lord continue to bless you and your "Two Families".

  2. Laureen Schuler

    Oops add "keeping" in the appropriate place. Thanx

  3. John Fosnaugh

    I grew up in Ft Wayne IN in 60's catching Tiger baseball on radio. I finally moved to Detroit in 76 and I was able to see Fidyrch pitch with Sparky at the helm. Those were the days. I moved to CA in 80's and run into Sparky in Thousand Oaks.
    what great man. I am now back in IN and am still huge Tiger fan. I am in my fifties and still die hard fan. Jim and Sparky are my true heroes.
    I would love to see Jim win the big one. If St. Louis meets Detroit we will try to go to see them in St. Louis. GO TIGERS GO JIM!!!

  4. WInnie

    Met you and knew Jim years ago, in my 'other life...' will explain if you ask!!
    Wishing all would have turned out differently, but all will settle!
    God bless!

  5. Rocci

    Katie, I am detroit fan, from Michigan and so as my wife. I had never seen a guy with class and love for the game better than jim. Weall blessed to have him and today is sad day for family and I tosee my hero step down. WIfe and I wishing you and Jim th best of love and life with health and joyful time to come. I am crying while writing this to you. With love fro mTiger man.

    People saying Jim was old and having a young beautiful wife, He is old by number and young in heart and soul. We do miss him and our pryers are with you and family for ever. He gave us life and joy. Even we are living in differnt state now, never missed tiger game since Jim cecame coach.

    With love from us to you and yours!!

  6. maria

    Katie, Now it's time to enjoy Jim more we had him for a long time and enjoyed him being the manager of the Tigers. Now you two can have fun with you're retirement and have a good time with each other, go on trips and probably see lots of baseball games! Best of luck, you have a good egg!!

  7. Anonymous


  8. paul morrison

    Katie Leyland may just be the sweetest, nicest person God ever created. And her hubby is one class act.