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Jhonny Peralta's wife Molly Peralta



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Jhonny and Molly met in May, 2002, when the Avon, OH native met Jhonny who was then the SS for the Akron Aeroes. After months of calling each other as friends, Molly suggested she go visit Jhonny at the Arizona Fall League that October. The couple was got engaged in April, 2006, and were married in January, 2007.

While staying in Goodyear, AZ for Spring Training, Molly was stung by a scorpion in bed in the couple's rented home. Both acknowledge having seen the potentially venomous creatures in the area and some parts of the house, but had never seen them in the bedroom. After multiple failed exterminator visits, the couple moved away from the house and to a much more human populated, and less scorpion populated area.
Molly was fine, by the way.

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  1. Ruthanne

    You are so pretty, and a cute couple. DETROIT TIGERS ROCK :) <3

  2. michael

    a truly love.

  3. nw

    Awww, what a cute couple.

  4. Cheryl

    Detroit loves Jhonny----So glad you two are here

  5. Karen

    Wish you were in Cleveland still.

  6. Anonymous

    Stay in detroit. We got drubal... go tribe.

  7. Yanely Jaquez

    Jhonny Peralta espero que siempre tu y Molly permanenca unido para siempre save que aqui tiene una Amiga igual para ti Molly Peralta

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