Doug Fister's girlfriend Ashley Phelps

You always like seeing the stories of couples developing from a young age, and staying together through the stresses and rigors of minor and major league baseball. In the case of Tigers pitcher, Doug Fister, the Merced, CA native appears to be staying true to his high school crush. Doug Fister's girlfriend Ashley Phelps was a classmate at Golden Valley High School in Merced. While Fister came up through the Mariners organization before getting dealt to Detroit, Phelps began work as a high school science teacher. She also serves as the girls water polo coach for Merced High School - located across the city from the school where she and Fister first met.

Phelps is charitably minded, being a frequent participant in Tigers Wives Association events. In 2012, she competed in a half marathon helping to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in memory of two grandparents she lost to cancer. Fister's teammates even recognize her giving spirit, as catcher Bryan Pena told Fox Sports Detroit, “Doug takes a lot of time to work with kids, problem kids and all kinds, with his girlfriend."

Fortunately, Ashley gave the world one more gift as well. She's the reason that Fister decided to join Twitter - Thanks, Ash!

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12 Responses to “Doug Fister's girlfriend Ashley Phelps”

  1. Joel

    Fister. Hehe.

  2. Molly

    ASHLEY was not Fister's girlfriend before it was Laura TaFoya and Ashley's former boyfriend was Dusty Ryan during the time he had a short stint with the Tigers as a catcher. So no a lot of your information is false

  3. marie

    you have a great guy and doug is so smart! I'm really bummed that he left the tigers I think that was a dumb decision that was made on their part but I wish doug the best with his new team, he will be missed alot by all of us tiger fans, Happy Holidays to both of you, you look like a great couple! Marie

  4. Anna

    Check your facts. Ashley was Dusty Ryan's high school sweetheart and was engaged to him until recently. Interestingly enough, when Dusty's baseball career ended so did their engagement. Dusty used to be Doug's best friend but as you can imagine they aren't friends any more. Don't give this girl more credit than she deserves.

  5. Polie

    This story is a true work of fiction (that means fake, people). I grew up with Ashley and Doug and they were not together until recently. I hope Doug is not making a mistake by marrying Ashley, although he probably is. Can we say prenup?

  6. lee friedman

    Ugliest WAG ever, besides kristen lee. She looks a lot older than doug foster and looks like a witch

  7. Anonymous

    What a bunch of haters! Get a life.

  8. Molly

    The story is a lie

  9. tony

    Who cares.

  10. MOLLY

    You do, you're reading it

  11. Hannah

    A beautiful couple! Happily married and in love and they have the support of the right people- the ones who matter. They don't care what you think. Worry about how well you play baseball or whatever it is that you do or DONT do. Let the jealousy go. Lastly, dont believe everything you read on the internet.

  12. Anonymous

    So she wasn't engaged to Ryan up until 2012, all that information is false ?. I don't see where jealousy is involved other than between Phelps, Ryan and Fister. Maybe she shouldn't be doing article's (for attention) that provide false information. Keep her personal Soap Opera to herself..... She's a joke