Alex Avila’s wife Kristina Avila


  1. Ruthanne

    I have went to a Detroit Tigers game this summer. I chose Alex Avila bc I am a catcher in softball and he is the catcher for the Amazing Detroit Tigers. I love Alex Avila he is good and he is on my favorite baseball team. :)

  2. Rachel

    I  Alex Avila!!!!!! he is the best!!!!!!!!! Everybody said he was terrible for the game against the Rangers, but he’s the best!!!! AWESOME CATCHER!!!!!!! 

  3. Tara

    I love the Tigers…Avila is my favorite!!!! Hopefully I can get his signature this year, wasnt so lucky last year :( I was honestly only trying to get his signature lol that was until my husband took the ball and got a few other players to sign haha

  4. Aaron

    We were at the dream cruise and had the opportunity to meet Alex. What a nice young man. He posed for a picture with our son. We also happen to get a few nice pictures of the “new” car. That day has made a lifetime memory for us and our son. He had joined the minors (4th grade) this spring and had choice to where #13 but didn’t speak up to tell Alex he is his tiger. I just want you, and Alex to know what a wonderful gift he provided by taking the time out of his busy day. Thank you.

  5. Chelsey dewitte

    Not only am I catcher but I’m a fan I’m not a sicko fan but girl with a passion. I have Leays wanted to meet you and your wife I have been to camps and catchers clinics to be a better catcher because softball is my passion just like Kristine’s. I have a signed ball but it wasn’t in person I’ve been to a lot of games and walked on the field y dad is peralized and he likes u and u have a lot in common just how we are begind the plate..hope to meet you one day.its a goal and my dream just to spend a day with my hero and my tiger

  6. Tracy waldherr

    So happy to be watching Alex and the Tigers again as this season starts! Best wishes to you and Alex on the birth of your first child. Try to absorb and enjoy every minute of the birth experience – it is the most exciting ride!!

  7. marie

    congrats on your new baby girl! cherish every moment, my little girl is almost 23 years old and the time goes so fast! you are a very lucky women to have Alex as a husband he is so nice and you can tell he is a wonderful dad and as far as the game of baseball goes he is very smart at the plate I wish he wouldn’t get so beat up, I was one of the people to complain about that slam alex had to take at the plate while playing the red sox, that was uncalled for and I feel that was done on purpose to get him out of the game, born and raised in the Detroit area I’ve been a fan since childhood and will always be one! I live in Northwest MI now but last summer we got to go to the game when Detroit was playing Cleveland and of course we won and the game was alot of fun, I miss baseball in the winter its such a bummer but I’m looking forward to spring when I can see my favorite pitcher Alex Avila behind the plate, have a wonderful holiday, best wishes, Marie

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