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As the most outspoken player in the NFL, Richard Sherman seems like a tough dude to get along with. It certainly begs the question, how does Richard Sherman's girlfriend Ashley Lillian do it exactly?

While 31 other fan bases get annoyed with the guy, Seattle has embraced him as one of the on field fan favorites. Richard Sherman's girlfriend Ashley is one of those fans. Ashley, who formerly waited tables at Joey in Seattle, is a diehard Hawks fan and while there's not a ton of information about her readily available, but she's quick with a supportive Seahawks tweet, especially during gametime.

Sherman, full of bluster and plenty of brashness, is one of the few who can get away with it as his play backs up his trash talk. Famously inserted into the national vernacular following a 2012 game against New England, Sherman has pointed his acerbic tongue at plenty of players including Trent Williams, Darrelle Revis, Skip Bayless, Joe Haden, Roddy White, and Tom Brady again. Though he's a lightning rod on the field, it's pretty apparent that he's a good guy in reality. The Stanford grad (who is also enrolled in the Master's program there) is a charitable player. During the holidays, Richard and Ashley drove throughout Seattle surprising fans and delivering gifts to families in need. He also hosts the Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game, which raises funds to help the Homes for Heroes project, which helps veterans, firefighters and police buy their first homes. And as much as we hate to admit it,... Sherman is pretty great with his fans, often retweeting support and replying to well wishes from plenty of the 12th Man members (who stole that gimmick from Texas A&M,... it's OK Seattle,... you did it,... but it is ok).

No matter how you look at it, there's plenty to talk about with Richard Sherman, but only one question left: Can he help lead this Seahawks team to a Super Bowl title? Patriot, Bronco and 49er fans are all praying this is their opportunity to scream, "You Mad Bro?"

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  1. Jason

    He better make sure he gets a pre nup. Due is going to get paid

  2. Tabitha

    Her name is Ashley Moss.

  3. Chris

    Pre-nups don't hold up in WA state dude.

  4. Eve

    Richard Sherman has a beautiful girlfriend, to whom he deserves....

  5. Jo

    She's not pretty. He must really be in love with her. I'm sure there's alot of groupies after him.

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