02/05/15 (Updated)

Richard Sherman's girlfriend Ashley Moss

UPDATE 02/05/2015: Congratulations to Richard Sherman and his girlfriend Ashley Moss on the birth of their first child, a son Rayden Sherman.

Rayden was born on 2/5, which did not escape the notice of his father who tweeted:My son sure does know how to make an entrance! 2/5/15... Is it a coincidence or is he just that clever?! Either way I'm ecstatic

Congratulations to the Sherman family!

UPDATE 01/29/2015: Could Richard Sherman's girlfriend Ashley Moss have an impact on the outcome of Super Bowl 49? If the couple's expected son decides to come on game day - it just might.

The 9-month pregnant Ashley Moss did make the trip to Arizona for Super Bowl week, and is due within the week. Sherman predicts that their unborn boy will be "a disciplined young man and stay in there until after the game. He’s going to do his father his first favor and stay in there for another week or two.”

But if he does - what would Sherman do? Sherman dedicated tiptoed that question with the press on Thursday:

"He’s not supposed to come on Sunday. If he does, that would change some things. I’ve thought about the possibility of his coming during the game or coming before the game. We have things in place in case that happens. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. But I didn’t know it was a topic of national debate, honestly. I would not like to miss the birth of my first kid, but hopefully and God willing, we won’t have to cross that bridge.”

As a new father myself, I can say this. I could never imagine missing the birth of my son. If Sherman decides that the birth of his child outweighs the game - absolutely nothing but respect from us.

How does Richard Sherman's girlfriend Ashley Lillian do it exactly?

While 31 other fan bases get annoyed with the guy, Seattle has embraced him as one of the on field fan favorites. Richard Sherman's girlfriend Ashley is one of those fans. Ashley, who formerly waited tables at Joey in Seattle, is a diehard Hawks fan and while there's not a ton of information about her readily available, but she's quick with a supportive Seahawks tweet, especially during gametime.

Sherman, full of bluster and plenty of brashness, is one of the few who can get away with it as his play backs up his trash talk. Famously inserted into the national vernacular following a 2012 game against New England, Sherman has pointed his acerbic tongue at plenty of players including Trent Williams, Darrelle Revis, Skip Bayless, Joe Haden, Roddy White, and Tom Brady again. Though he's a lightning rod on the field, it's pretty apparent that he's a good guy in reality. The Stanford grad (who is also enrolled in the Master's program there) is a charitable player. During the holidays, Richard and Ashley drove throughout Seattle surprising fans and delivering gifts to families in need. He also hosts the Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game, which raises funds to help the Homes for Heroes project, which helps veterans, firefighters and police buy their first homes. And as much as we hate to admit it,... Sherman is pretty great with his fans, often retweeting support and replying to well wishes from plenty of the 12th Man members (who stole that gimmick from Texas A&M,... it's OK Seattle,... you did it,... but it is ok).

No matter how you look at it, there's plenty to talk about with Richard Sherman, but only one question left: Can he help lead this Seahawks team to a Super Bowl title? Patriot, Bronco and 49er fans are all praying this is their opportunity to scream, "You Mad Bro?"

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26 Responses to “Richard Sherman's girlfriend Ashley Moss”

  1. Jason

    He better make sure he gets a pre nup. Due is going to get paid

  2. Tabitha

    Her name is Ashley Moss.

  3. Chris

    Pre-nups don't hold up in WA state dude.

  4. Eve

    Richard Sherman has a beautiful girlfriend, to whom he deserves....

  5. Jo

    She's not pretty. He must really be in love with her. I'm sure there's alot of groupies after him.

  6. cat

    Ashley you a very pretty woman some people are just nasty because they are very jealous like I am start my own business so wish me well you and Richard I am a HAWK FAN NUMBER ONE FAN FOR #25

  7. Aramis

    Ricky, it\'s not about what you buy that makes the best gift. It\'s about the thought fglniees that go into the gift. Some of the most romantic gifts I\'ve received were very inexpensive, but full of memories and I know it was put together with love. Think about what makes her smile and laugh and do something personal.You can make a slideshow of pictures from the last 3 years you guys have been together set it to romantic music and make her the star of her own movie. You can make a photo collage of pictures and memories. In the center write a romantic poem, or get one online and give credit to the author. Put the collage in a frame and she\'ll love it!Here\'s a whole list of romantic things you can do. From inexpensive things to give and romantic dates you can set up and surprise her. She\'ll absolutely love the thought and effort you put into showing her you love her.

  8. GrammyR

    She is real pretty and hopefully smart as Richard is. Hope they can make it thru . He's a good guy.

  9. Truth

    She's pretty in the pic there on the top right corner and even resembles Stacy Dash in it. However, in ALL THE OTHER PICTURES OF HER she does NOT look pretty. She's kind of busted. I wonder what Richard sees in her? She's very very average for a guy like that.

  10. Beach Bum

    Beautiful woman. SO many haters (jo, truth)...

    I like Sherman. He's talented, intelligent and committed to his craft. What's not to like? I also like how Sherman addressed the media's use of the term 'thug.' That term seems to only apply to African Americans, which is ridiculous.

  11. Jordan Erlic

    She is ugly like a duck ewwwww

  12. Frederick Robinson

    I believe it's terrible to call Richard Sherman's girlfriend ugly!,what a terrible thing to Say!She's Beautiful!.I believe your Hate for Richard Sherman has has brought out THE UGLY IN ALL YOU PEOPLE.

  13. Danny Dee

    People are very dumb for they say and think, every brother don't have to validate himself by the mate he pick in his life when he is an atlhete or celebrity. She is a very attractive lady and will probably stick by his side thru thich n thin.

  14. Xilomen

    She looks good enough for him, he's not a prize, just got a little money. I saw other comments, on another website, stating this chick is black, they must be BLIND! THIS CHICK IS NOT BLACK

  15. Kathleen

    She is absolutely beautiful....what a great warm smile...She seems genuine, warm and just a real
    person inside and out...how wonderful for both of them....I wish them a very long life together and a new baby and the Super Bowl....Can't get any better than that! All my best to both of you.

  16. Anna

    I wonder if some of you consider her to be average is because of America standard for beauty. If she was a different ethnicity being blonde hair and blue eyes female would feelings be a different towards her. She is a very beautiful young lady and Sherman is lucky to have her as I am sure he already knows that. It is my hope that some of you do not feel that because he is a very popular football player that you should have "America's standards and beauty on his arm" there is beauty in every ethnicity and it's not the American vision. All of her pictures she is very attractive she's an African-American young lady and she's beautiful... So stop HATING...

  17. TJ

    @Xilomen She's white/black

  18. JoJo

    She is beautiful and I thank God that she is a beautiful black women.

  19. SANDRA


  20. Sunny

    Beauty may attract us to each other but the staying power comes from inner beauty, the heart and soul of a person. Ashley is not ugly and those of you that knock her physical beauty have no idea what you are talking about. Richard is a very intelligent guy and he is attracted to her for reasons we do not necessarily see. I wish them well and hope they have a healthy baby to start their family. Being the wife or significant other of a professional athlete is not as glamorous as it may seem. I wish them a long, loving relationship that may eventually turn into marriage.

  21. Angela Perry

    Congratulations on the birth of your son! You are a beautiful couple and he is lucky to have you both as parents!!!

  22. Cassandra

    I can't tell what her race is. One minute people say she's white and then the next they're saying she's black. Which one is it? BTW, he just had to go and get a woman that was waiting on tables. Bless his heart. What happened to all the educated women he went to college with? Ijs

  23. John C

    When is the shallow train going to stop rollin? It's not about how pretty you perceive someone to be it's about their love and spirit. Looks attract some people but I've learned in my 66 years that to know a person is to love them. Try it.

  24. Lureina Pinder

    Stop hating, she is a beautiful young lady!!!!!

  25. Annie

    No comparison to Stacey Dash. She is not cute.....yo mad bro cuz your girl is wack!!! Go Pats!!!!!!

  26. Phillip

    Congrats to Ashley and Richard, and does the little King rule the castle.