John Farrell’s wife Sue Farrell


  1. richard pinsonno

    I liked the story I just read aboutyour son. I wanted the Sox to hire your husband or Ryan Sandberg last year, but they were both under contract. Good luck, and Go Sox!

  2. Diane Caputo

    My 92-year old grandmother goes CRAZY every time she sees John Farrell because he isn’t wearing his wedding band. She’s losing sleep over it now! Anything I can tell her or could you respond in “comments” below to her dilemma? I really would appreciate your time to just jot a note…

    Thank you — AND GO SOX!!!

  3. Michael deckers

    John come clean and just tell us are you seeing other women at this time and do you love be your wife of 30 years any more

  4. Jim

    Hopefully John will come to his senses and realize a fling with a younger woman is like a honeymoon – it has an end! You don’t give up 30 years of marriage so easily but maybe Sue is in control and there is no avenue of return!

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