Blake Swihart’s wife Shelby Lucero


  1. Lucy Gail

    To the person who wrote this story you sound extremey jealous of Shelby, especially with your last part. She’s a beautiful person inside and out, and I know so because I actually know her on a personal level. Shelby is the ray of sunshine everyone needs in their life. She is selfless, and a good friend…. and by the way her body is rockin NOT too skinny and yeah she has abs because she works her ass off. Keep doing your thing Shelbs, you are one in a billion! :)

  2. Lucy Gail

    Oh and also her before and after pictures were not in a bra and panties, get your facts right jack ass. It was a SWIMSUIT, Shelby is close to graduating with a bachelors degree in Nutrition this is what she studies, she was putting her knowledge on what she has learned into play with her own lifestyle and health, through doing a 6 week diet challenge.

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